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New Apple Devices launched at WWDC 2017

Apple WWDC 17 keynote held at San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA on 5-Jun-2017. This article will give you complete coverage of event in the form of article you can read and be aware in few minutes. You can read the sections which interest you the most and ignore the sections which are not so interesting.

Funny Ad at WWDC 17 Event

WWDC 17 event started with funny Apple Ad where a new joinee is asked to temporarily sit in server room. To give power to his water fountain he unplugs the server connection which results in disaster in data center and apocalypse around the world. People get angry as they see apps disappearing from their iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch.


Youngest and Oldest Developer at WWDC17

Tim Cook shared the exciting facts about the WWDC 17 conference

  • WWDC last held in San Jose 15th years back.
  • 16 million registered developers. 3 millions added last year.
  • 5300 total attendees.
  • Participants from 75 countries.
  • Youngest Apple developer is 10 years from Australia. Started coding at the age of 6 and has 5 apps on Apple app store.
  • Oldest App developer is 82 years old from Japan.
  • 6 Big announcements this WWDC

Amazon Prime Video Coming to Apple TV

1. TV OS

  • 50 partners integrated in TV app.
  • Amazon Prime Video will come on Apple TV

Watch OS 4 Updates

2. Apple Watch OS

  • Watch OS 4 update introduction
  • Siri Watch faces
    • Raise your hand for update
    • Sunset graph & time.
  • Kaleidoscope face
  • 3 Toy Story characters face
  • Activity shows achievements from past.
  • Workout app now has Multiple workouts
    • outdoor run
    • Pool Swim
    • High Intensity Interval Training
    • Outdoor Cycling
  • Two way Syncs with Gym equipment (Life Fitness, Cybex, Matrix, Technogym, Schwinn, Star Track, Stair Master)
  • New Music App brings new Music Mixes with album art
  • More features for developers Screen autorotate, background navigation, background audio recording, Single-process runtime, full screen, Overlapping Layers, Water Lock API, Core Bluetooth
  • Developer preview available now.
  • Watch OS 4 will be released free by Fall 2017.

3. Mac

Mac OS High Sierra

Mac OS High Sierra

  • Safari
    • ACMA script 5 Javascript engine is 80% faster than chrome
    • Autoplay blocking
    • Intelligent Tracking Prevention
  • Mail
    • Search Top Hits
    • Full Screen Split View
    • 35% less space for storing the mails
  • Photos
    • New view in chronological order
    •  Better face recognition
    • Enhancements in editing like curves, selective color modification
    • Edits in other tools are synced back in photos
    • Photo printing services from Photos
  • HFS
    • HFS File System is running since 30 years which is replaced with APFS,
    • Apple File System is based on advanced architecture.
    • Optimized for modern storage
    • 64 bit data structures
    • It is future safe
    • Safe and Secure, Crash protection
    • Safe document saves
    • Stable snapshots
    • Native encryption
    • Ultra responsive, Instant file and directory cloning
    • Fast directory sizing
    • zero copy snapshots
    • Parallelized metadata operations
    • Frequently used items in inode
    • Sparse file writes
  • Videos
    • H.264 replaced with H.265 which saves space by 40% better compression.
    • Final Cut Pro and other tools can take advantage of that.
  • Graphics
    • GPU performance has improved exponentially in last decade
    • Metal 2 is offers, Driver optimizations, Indirect argument buffers, SIMD group data exchange, Uniform variables, Sampler arrays, Resource heaps. Faster frame debugger, Improved debugging search, GPU counters. Window server on Metal.
    • Metal for Machine Learning, Metal performance shaders, Recurrent Neural Network Kernels, Binary convolution, Dilated convolution, L-2 norm pooling, Dilated Pooling.
    • Metal for External Graphics. External Graphics hardware available on thunderbolt port now.
    • Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, AMD Radeon RX 580, USB-C hub.
    • Metal for VR in High Sierra
    • Steam VR SDK,
  • Mac OS High Sierra Free upgrade available for these in 2017 Fall
    • 2010 and later, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro,
    • Late 2009 and later, MacBook, iMac

New Mac with Kaby Lake Intel processor

New iMacs

  • 500 nits
  • 43% brighter
  • 10 bit dithering
  • One billion colors
  • Kaby Lake 7th generation Intel Core processor update
  • Higher base & turbo frequencies
  • 10-bit HEVC decode – good for high quality video
  • 21.5 inch can have 32GB of memory
  • 27 inch can have 64GB of memory
  • Fusion drive is not optional but pre-bundled on all 27 inch iMacs
  • 50% faster SSDs options available up to 2TB capacity
  • 2x USB-C connections for Thunderbolt 3
  • Basic 21.5 inch iMac will have Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 with 64MB eDRAM. 80% faster graphics.
  • iMac Retina 4K 21.5 inch will be bundled with Radeon Pro 555 & 560 upto 4GB VRAM. 3x faster.
  • iMac 27 inch will be bundled with Radeon Pro 570, 575 & 580 upto 8GB VRAM. 5.5 Tera flops. Good for VR content creation
  • new iMac Price
    • iMac 21.5 inch – $1099
    • iMac Retina 4K 21.5 inch – $1299
    • iMac Retina 5K 27 inch – $1799
  • new MacBook price
    • Mac Book -$1299
    • MacBook Pro 13 inch – $1299
    • MacBook Pro 13 inch with touch bar – $1799
    • MacBook Pro 15 inch – $2399

New iMac Pro with 18 core CPU

new iMac Pro

This is going to be the most powerful workstation configuration ever offered by Apple. It will come bundled with pro quality display machine and keyboard mouse.

  • Shipping by end of year Dec-2017
  • Retina 5K display
  • 8-Core Xeon processor
  • Radeon Vega graphics
  • up to 22 Teraflops precision
  • upto 128GB ECC memory
  • upto 4TB of SSD capacity
  • 4x Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • 10 Gigabit ethernet
  • connect two 5k display
  • new iMac Pro can process 44 million pixels
  • 1080p FaceTime camera
  • UHS-II SDXC card slot
  • starting at $4999.

iOS 11 new updates

4. New iOS 11

  • 86% customers have iOS 10. Android 7 is only installed on 7% devices.
  • Messages
    • Redesigned App drawer
    • Messages in iCloud, conversations are synchronized.
    • Encryped
  • Apple Pay
    • Now you can transfer money from person to person.
    • Send or receive money to friends and family
    • Make Apple Pay purchases
    • Transfer to your bank
  • Siri
    • used by 375 million devices
    • Natural Language learning
    • Male voice option.
    • Translation beta service.
      • Chinese
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Spanish
    • Siri Kit can Ride Scheduling, rides, Bills, Payments, banking, Messaging, Photo search, VoIP Calling, Workouts, Car controls, Lists, QR codes.
    • Synced across devices and secured end to end
  • Camera
    • 1 Trillion per day photos taken
    • HEVC offers 2x better compression for video
    • JPEG compression also changed to HEVC which offers 2x better compression
    • Depth API available to developer
    • Memories Feature available now in landscape and portrait mode.
    • You can trim, select key photo, mute, Loop, Bounce or Long Exposure live photos in new iOS 11.
  • Control Center
    • Single page redesigned with 3D touch.
    • More features from control center
  • Lock Center and Notification center are one
  • Photos
    • one of the frame can be made key photo
    • Loop around the Live photos
    • Reverse Forward Live Photos
    • Long exposure to Live Photos
  • Memories
    • Captures activities
    • Events
    • play in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Machine Learning
    • News based on locations of your photos
    • Messages app auto suggests locations based on news and photos.
    • Apple Pay suggests the payment options based on message received.
  • Maps
    • New clearer Map views
    • Malls have detail layout plan, place cards, Directory & Search, browse by floor, Airports
  • Navigation
    • shows speed limits, Lane guidance.
    • Do not disturb while driving mode
    • Works with bluetooth, movement wifi.
    • It blanks out the screen while you are driving and automatically responds to messages.
    • In case of urgency one can still respond.
  • Home Kit
    • New category added to home kit is speakers.
    • Access Airplay 2 for multi room audio.
    • Shared up next for Apple Music
    • Speaker makers compatible to Airplay 2
    • AirPlay 2 audio api introduced
  • Apple Music
    • There are 27 million paid subscribers
    • You can find what are your friends listening while browsing through the music.
    • MusicKit for Apple Music for developers
    • Full access to Apple Music service, Cloud library access, Users for you recommendations, Features Music & Charts, Search Playlist, stations, and catalog.
  • App Store
    • 500 million weekly visitors to Apple App Store
    • 180  billion apps downloaded till date
    • $70 billion paid to developers
    • Faster app review time, under 24 hr.
    • Phased releases to reduce the load on infrastructure.
    • Launching brand new app store.
    • In app purchases from app store
  • Vision API (Machine Learning)
    • Face Tracking
    • Face Detection
    • Landmarks
    • Text Detection
    • Rectangle detection
    • Barcode detection
    • Object tracking
    • Image registration
  • Natural Language API (Machine Learning)
    • Language identification
    • Tokenization
    • Lemmatization
    • Part of speech
    • Named entity recognition
  • Core ML (Machine Learning)
    • Deep Neural Networks
    • Recurrent neural networks
    • Convolution neural networks
    • Support vector machines
    • Tree ensembles
    • Linear models
  • AR – Augmented Reality
    • Fast, stable, motion tracking
    • Plane estimation with basic boundaries
    • Ambient lighting estimation
    • Scale estimation
    • Support for Unity, Unreal, SceneKit
    • Xcode app templates
    • AR-Kit will be largest AR platform in the world
  • Features for China
    • QR code support from camera
    • SMS fraud extension
    • Traffic cameras
    • Shanghainese dictation
    • English on 10-key Pinyin keyboard
    • Phone number as Apple ID

New iPad Pro price

5. New iPad Pro

  • iPad Pro introduced 18 months back
  • There are old 13 inch & 9.7 inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5 inch Retina display iPad Pro
  • perfect for full size keyboard with support for 30 languages
  • True tone display
  • Wide color gamut
  • Ultralow reflectivity
  • 600 nits brightness
  • HDR video
  • ProMotion feature will allow refresh rates to climb to 120 Hz.
  • This makes smooth scrolls.
  • Apple pencil will perform better with promotion and give 20ms response time.
  • Promotion will dynamically adjust the refresh rate if picture is not moving. This will save the battery.
  • A10X Fusion CPU has 6 core CPU, 3 high performance cores, 3 high efficiency cores & Apple designed performance controller.
  • There is 12 core GPU in new iPad pro. 30% faster CPU performance & 40% faster GPU  performance.
  • A4 to A10x has increased the Graphics performance to 500x.
  • new 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch iPad pro will start with 65GB of memory.
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch 64GB, 256GB, 512GB price is $649,$749,$949
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch 64GB, 256GB, 512GB price is $799,$899,$1099

iOS 11 features for new iPad Pro

iOS 11 for iPad

  • iPad doc has space for more apps
  • Slide over the apps
  • Snap apps in split view
  • New App switcher
  • QuickType keyboard
  • new Files app with all desktop like features
    • supports iCloud, Box, Google Drive
  • Apple pencil give instant markup
  • Create PDF feature
  • Screenshot can be marked with pencil
  • Instant notes, inline drawing, Inline drawing in Mail,

Home Pod New Apple Speaker

6. Home Pod New Apple Speakers

  • Smart Speakers & Good Wireless speakers in one product
  • Rock the house, it should sound great and loud
  • Spatial awareness, understand the space where placed
  • Musicologist, discover the music being loved
  • 7 inch height
  • 7 beam-forming tweeter array
  • Precision acoustic horns
  • Directional control
  • Apple designed 4 inch woofer
  • Automatic bass equalization
  • Dynamic modeling
  • controlled by Apple A8 chip
  • Real time acoustic modeling
  • Audio beam forming
  • Multi-channel echo cancellation
  • Home pods come with Apple Music subscription, 40 million tracks, 2 million artists.
  • 6 microphones which can listen to you even when music is loud.
  • It is also a home assistant with SIRI
    • Music, News, Unit conversion, Messages, Reminders, Podcast, Alarms & Timers, Translation, Stock, General Knowledge, Weather, Traffic & Nearby, Sports, Home.
  • Hey Siri, Local recognition, Anonymous ID, Encrypted communication for safe guarding your privacy.
  • Home Pods come at $349
  • Comes in white and space gray,
  • Starts shipping in December-2017 in US, UK and Australia first.

Apple Home Pod Speakers Demo

What happened at Apple WWDC 2016 ?

Apple WWDC 16 keynote held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco on 13-June-2016. These were the points presented during the keynote presentation start.

Hello WWDC 2016

Tim Cook shared the exciting facts about the WWDC 16 conference

  • 27th world wide conference.
  • 13 million registered developers. 2 million added last year.
  • 5000+ attendees tickets sold out.
  • Participants from 74 countries.
  • 72% are first time attendees.
  • 350 scholarships winners this year.
  • 120 attendees are under 18 age.
  • Youngest attendees is 9 year old girl.
  • App store started 8 years back. There are 2 million apps on apps store, downloaded 130 billion times.
  • 50 billion dollars paid to developers.

New Apple watchOS

New Watch OS 3.0

  • Faster access to favourite apps by keeping it in memory. background updates, refreshed information & instant launch.
  • Side button for favourite app access.
  • Control center by swipe up from bottom.
  • Smart replies to messages and scrible to write and respond.
  • New Fresh watch faces, Mini & activity ring with anolog & chronolog form or numerals.
  • SOS – automatically call for help on cellular or wifi network.
  • Medical ID on Apple watch.
  • Sharing the activity with Friends and Family
  • Wheelchair use, movement, workout
  • Detailed Workout information
  • Breathing app guides on deep breathing and destress based on Yoga practitioners. Deepak Chopra Referred here.
  • New Revised api for Apple Pay, Sprite Kit, Crown & touch events, inline video, game center, Cloud access.
  • Control Home automation
  • FREE upgrade coming this Fall.

new Apple tvOS

New tvOS

  • Future of TV is apps
  • 1300 video channels.
  • 6000 native apps for new Apple TV.
  • in France and may apps coming to Apple TV.
  • New version of Remote app with SIRI and accelerometer & Gyroscope.
  • SIRI now also available within YouTube.
  • SIRI searches through 650000 show.
  • Live TuneIn for running TV channels and Single Sign on.
  • Bright and Dark Mode available for new tvOS.
  • Replay Kit, Live broadcast for gameplay or save the video.
  • Photo Kit All photos & videos
  • Home Kit to control all the devices at home.
  • New tvOS coming free during this Fall.

Apple pay on web with macOS Sierra

New macOS Sierra

  • OS X available from last 15 years will now be macOS.
  • Continuity – Auto Unlock.
  • Auto unlock Mac with Apple watch
  • Universal Clipboard, Copy in one device and paste in another device.
  • iCloud Drive – Currently holds 10 billion documents.
  • Optimized Storage – make room by keeping old files on cloud.
  • Apple pay for Web – final approval happens by authentication from Apple watch and iPhone.
  • Tabs feature also available for many more apps.
  • Picture in Picture for videos.
  • SIRI will be available on Mac. Desktop and Laptops.
  • new iMessages with emojification and bubbles
  • new Music App experience
  • Public Beta in July. Available to all in Fall.

Home Automation in New iOS 10

New revamped Apple iOS 10

1. Experience

  • Redesigned Lock Screen & Home Screen experience.
  • Notification appear by raising the phone.
  • Rich notification with 3D touch
  • Control center by swipe up from bottom.
  • Widgets from the lock screen.
  • add any app widget to notifications.


  • SIRI is now available to developers
  • SIRI context aware with recently used addresses
  • SIRI can start the app and perform tasks inside the app.
  • SIRI can work in CarPlay with other apps like voIP call.

3. Quick Type

  • SIRI intelligence to typing.
    • Intelligent suggestions
    • current location
    • contact information
    • Intelligent Scheduling
    • Calendar Availability
    • Recent Addresses
    • Lookup
    • Multilingual typing
  • Does deep learning from events and actions.

4. Photos

  • Better Photos Organisation based on relevant computation of relations and locations.
  • See photos overlaid on the map.
  • Face Recognition to organize the photos.
  • Memories organised based on date, location, tags and people.
  • Photos Event creation based on trips with Music.

5. Maps

  • All new design for Maps, More proactive. Relevant spots
  • Navigation and guidance
  • Maps new capabilities available to developers.
  • For example book hotel with number of visitors.

6. Music

  • 15 million paid subscribers. All new design for Music Application
  • Library, Playlist, For You, Downloaded Music, Recently Added, Radio
  • Also show the lyrics with Music
  • For You brings discovery Mix, Daily curated playlist.
  • Updates from Artists being following.
  • Browse, Hot Album, New Music, Top Charts

7. News

  • 2000 publications contributing to News app
  • 60 millions readers
  • Top Stories, Trending, Smart Topic based on what is being followed
  • Subscription to Magazines or Newspapers
  • Breaking News Notifications through News app

8. Home Kit

  • Cameras and door locks
  • new Home App to turn on light or control the luminescence
  • I am home, Good Morning, Good Night
  • See who is at door when door bell rings, unlock the door from app.
  • Encrypted messaging and automatic decisions for home automation.
  • Apple watch also has Home controls

9. Phone

  • Voice mail transcription
  • Tencent security caller ID possible spam.
  • VoIP call from lock screen
  • contact cards are revamped
  • Also receive calls from your office number on Apple Phone, Cisco implementation.

10. Messages

  • When you share links it shows artworks or video
  • camera shows the live feed of camera or gallery
  • Emoji is 3x bigger now.  Emoji predictions. Also shows emojifyable predictions in text.
  • Bubble sizes and animation changes.
  • Apart from small & large bubble there is secret
  • handwriting can be sent in messages.
  • Full screen effect.
  • iMessages Available to developers.

SWIFT Programming Learning app

SWIFT Programming Language

  • In less than 2 years 100000 apps use swift.
  • Available as open source
  • New app for iPad, Swift Playground
  • Top has lessons and bottom has challenges
  • Library of playground.
  • Releasing Developer Preview today Shipping in Fall of 2016
  • SWIFT playground app is free