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What happened at Apple WWDC 2016 ?

Apple WWDC 16 keynote held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco on 13-June-2016. These were the points presented during the keynote presentation start. buy viagra in chennai

Hello WWDC 2016

Tim Cook shared the exciting facts about the WWDC 16 conference

  • 27th world wide conference.
  • 13 million registered developers. 2 million added last year.
  • 5000+ attendees tickets sold out.
  • Participants from 74 countries.
  • 72% are first time attendees.
  • 350 scholarships winners this year. cialis discount
  • 120 attendees are under 18 age.
  • Youngest attendees is 9 year old girl.
  • App store started 8 years back. There are 2 million apps on apps store, downloaded 130 billion times.
  • 50 billion dollars paid to developers.

New Apple watchOS

New Watch OS 3.0

  • Faster access to favourite apps by keeping it in memory. background updates, refreshed information & instant launch.
  • Side button for favourite app access.
  • Control center by swipe up from bottom.
  • Smart replies to messages and scrible to write and respond.
  • New Fresh watch faces, Mini & activity ring with anolog & chronolog form or numerals.
  • SOS – automatically call for help on cellular or wifi network.
  • Medical ID on Apple watch.
  • Sharing the activity with Friends and Family
  • Wheelchair use, movement, workout
  • Detailed Workout information
  • Breathing app guides on deep breathing and destress based on Yoga practitioners. Deepak Chopra Referred here.
  • New Revised api for Apple Pay, Sprite Kit, Crown & touch events, inline video, game center, Cloud access.
  • Control Home automation
  • FREE upgrade coming this Fall.

new Apple tvOS

New tvOS

  • Future of TV is apps
  • 1300 video channels.
  • 6000 native apps for new Apple TV.
  • in France and may apps coming to Apple TV.
  • New version of Remote app with SIRI and accelerometer & Gyroscope.
  • SIRI now also available within YouTube.
  • SIRI searches through 650000 show.
  • Live TuneIn for running TV channels and Single Sign on.
  • Bright and Dark Mode available for new tvOS.
  • Replay Kit, Live broadcast for gameplay or save the video.
  • Photo Kit All photos & videos
  • Home Kit to control all the devices at home.
  • New tvOS coming free during this Fall.

Apple pay on web with macOS Sierra

New macOS Sierra

  • OS X available from last 15 years will now be macOS.
  • Continuity – Auto Unlock.
  • Auto unlock Mac with Apple watch
  • Universal Clipboard, Copy in one device and paste in another device.
  • iCloud Drive – Currently holds 10 billion documents.
  • Optimized Storage – make room by keeping old files on cloud.
  • Apple pay for Web – final approval happens by authentication from Apple watch and iPhone.
  • Tabs feature also available for many more apps.
  • Picture in Picture for videos.
  • SIRI will be available on Mac. Desktop and Laptops.
  • new iMessages with emojification and bubbles
  • new Music App experience
  • Public Beta in July. Available to all in Fall.

Home Automation in New iOS 10 price comparison levitra cialis viagra

New revamped Apple iOS 10

1. Experience

  • Redesigned Lock Screen & Home Screen experience.
  • Notification appear by raising the phone.
  • Rich notification with 3D touch
  • Control center by swipe up from bottom.
  • Widgets from the lock screen.
  • add any app widget to notifications.


  • SIRI is now available to developers
  • SIRI context aware with recently used addresses
  • SIRI can start the app and perform tasks inside the app.
  • SIRI can work in CarPlay with other apps like voIP call.

3. Quick Type

  • SIRI intelligence to typing.
    • Intelligent suggestions
    • current location
    • contact information
    • Intelligent Scheduling
    • Calendar Availability
    • Recent Addresses
    • Lookup
    • Multilingual typing
  • Does deep learning from events and actions.

4. Photos

  • Better Photos Organisation based on relevant computation of relations and locations.
  • See photos overlaid on the map.
  • Face Recognition to organize the photos.
  • Memories organised based on date, location, tags and people.
  • Photos Event creation based on trips with Music.

5. Maps

  • All new design for Maps, More proactive. Relevant spots
  • Navigation and guidance
  • Maps new capabilities available to developers.
  • For example book hotel with number of visitors.

6. Music

  • 15 million paid subscribers. All new design for Music Application
  • Library, Playlist, For You, Downloaded Music, Recently Added, Radio
  • Also show the lyrics with Music
  • For You brings discovery Mix, Daily curated playlist.
  • Updates from Artists being following.
  • Browse, Hot Album, New Music, Top Charts

7. News

  • 2000 publications contributing to News app
  • 60 millions readers
  • Top Stories, Trending, Smart Topic based on what is being followed professional sildenafil citrate 50 mg
  • Subscription to Magazines or Newspapers
  • Breaking News Notifications through News app

8. Home Kit

  • Cameras and door locks
  • new Home App to turn on light or control the luminescence
  • I am home, Good Morning, Good Night
  • See who is at door when door bell rings, unlock the door from app.
  • Encrypted messaging and automatic decisions for home automation.
  • Apple watch also has Home controls

9. Phone

  • Voice mail transcription
  • Tencent security caller ID possible spam.
  • VoIP call from lock screen
  • contact cards are revamped
  • Also receive calls from your office number on Apple Phone, Cisco implementation.

10. Messages

  • When you share links it shows artworks or video
  • camera shows the live feed of camera or gallery
  • Emoji is 3x bigger now.  Emoji predictions. Also shows emojifyable predictions in text.
  • Bubble sizes and animation changes.
  • Apart from small & large bubble there is secret
  • handwriting can be sent in messages.
  • Full screen effect.
  • iMessages Available to developers.

SWIFT Programming Learning app

SWIFT Programming Language

  • In less than 2 years 100000 apps use swift.
  • Available as open source
  • New app for iPad, Swift Playground
  • Top has lessons and bottom has challenges
  • Library of playground.
  • Releasing Developer Preview today Shipping in Fall of 2016
  • SWIFT playground app is free


New Small iPhone SE & small iPad Pro launched

Town Hall, Cupertino, USA on 21-March-2015

40 years in 40 seconds – 1-April-1976 to 1-April-2016

Apple has 1 billion devices being used today

Tim Cook thanked for support for Apple iPhone case with US Government.

Tim Cook launching new iPhone SE

Environment by Lisa

  • 100% renewable  (93% facilities worldwide run on renewable energy)
  • 100% renewable energy in US & China
  • 40 Megawatts in China powers 34 stores & 19 offices
  • Roof top solar panes in Singapore
  • Powered by Sun, Wind & Water
  • Paper used for packaging (99% paper is recyclable)
  • Machine to remove parts and recycle them. kosten cialis 5mg
  • Apple Renew program to recycle the apple products

Health – ResearchKit – Jeff

  • Largest Parkinson’s study in History in 24 hours
  • Asthama trigers discovered in all 50 states cheap viagra 50mg
  • Diabetes – found sub-types of type 2 diabeties
  • Divya Nag – Apple
  • Launching CareKit

Apple Watch with new bands

Apple Watch

  • New Colors and new Bands
  • Woven Nylon bands
  • Sport and new color r belt,
  • Apple watch starts at 299$

Apple TV software update

  • 5000 apps on apple TV
  • Siri for the App store
  • Dictation
  • iCLoud Photo Library

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1311" src="" alt="New small iPhone-SE" width="684" height="441" srcset=" 684w,×193 celebrex for pain.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 684px) 100vw, 684px” />

New Apple iPhone SE

  • 4 inch iPhone
  • First iPhone
  • Rose gold metal cheapest place buy kamagra
  • A9 64 bit chip
  • M9 motion chip (Always on)
  • Powerful than iPhone 5s
  • 12MP iSight Camera
  • Focus Pixels
  • True Tone Flash
  • new image signal processor
  • panorama upto 63 MP
  • Live Photos
  • 4K video recording & editing
  • Slo-mo upto 240 fps
  • LTE upto 150 Mbps
  • More LTE bands
  • Voice over LTE
  • 802.11ac WiFI
  • Touch ID security
  • Apple Pay payments
  • 16 GB for 399$
  • 64 GB for 499$ best place buy cialis online
  • Available from March-31
  • More than 100 countries by May-2016

iOS-9 – 80% deployments

iOS-9.3 features (Available from today)

  • Night Shift
  • Notes with passcode and fingerprint
  • health
  • News (50 million active users) Now faster
  • Car Play in iPhone
  • iPad – Education

New Small iPad Pro

New iPad Pro 9.3 inch – Phill Schiller

  • iPad Pro (200 million) 9.3 inch display
  • 600 million PC used which are 5 years old
  • TrueTone display
  • Pro Audio – 4 speakers
  • 32 GB – 599 $
  • 128 GB – 749 $
  • 256 GB – 899 $
  • March 31 Shipping Starts

Last presentation at Town Hall, Apple.