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Activity Indicator Example with Thread

When you develop the Apps in iOS, there are some tasks which take longer time. You can not ignore the user while there is some processing happening in foreground or background. On Apple iPhones you can inform the user about such tasks with the help of Activity Indicator view. This object shows rotating lines to suggest the user to wait until the activity is completed.

I am trying to build very simple example with threading to show activity indicator usage. There will be three objects in your XIB or storyboard. UILabel to show incrementing number. Activity Indicator View & UIButton object to control the movement of numbers.

Note: I’ve used Xcode 4.5.x with iPhone Simulator for iOS6 in this example, however this example can work on older iOS versions without any change.

Activity Indicator with Thread Example

Step 1:  Create new Xcode Project as Single View Application

New Single View App Project in Xcode
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