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SSD to Boost the performance of your laptop

SSD to boost the laptop performance

Most of the times we are worried about making hardware changes to our laptop because of downtime it may cause. If somebody tells you that you can migrate to new faster SSD without formatting or installing anything, it is really hard to believe.

In fact I’ve tried to give justification why you must migrate to new SSD disk to boost the laptop performance.

Often we reach the deadlock in our laptop and find there is no other solution but to buy a new faster laptop. But in this video you’ll see that you can increase the performance of your laptop 2 to 4 times with new Samsung 850 Pro SSD. You can also do this upgrade process to newly purchased laptop for best results.

I could buy Samsung 850 Pro SSD from Amazon for approx 10k INR during flash sale. You also need USB 3.0 enclosure to clone your laptop drive to SSD before you can install that in your laptop.

Must watch this video to know simple way to migrate to SSD

Apple WWDC 2015, feature notes in short

Apple WWDC 15 is yearly developer event which is organised from 8-12 June at Mascone Center West, San Francisco, USA. This is 26th year of Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.

WWDC15 keynote

New Mac OS X 10.11 is El Capitan

  • Split View to focus on two things
  • Mission Control in single layer and call out your cursor
  • Versatile Spotlight search. Ask in your own words.
  • Mail with fullscreen, add suggested event/ contact.
  • Notes with rich widgets and synchronised for all the devices.
  • Photos with 3rd party editing tools
  • Safari with favorite websites. Airplay only video without sharing whole screen and Mute all tabs.
  • Maps with public transit

iOS 9 Features

  • Faster & Intelligent Siri
  • Proactive Assistant, more intelligent
  • Caller number matching from e-mails
  • Siri suggestions based on user & app interactions
  • Search API for deep linking in app
  • Privacy of device owner is maintained.

Apple Pay in iOS 9

  • 2500 banks support Apple Pay
  • 50 million card holders will be able to use Apple Pay
  • 1 million contact-less locations
  • Apple Pay arrives to United Kingdom in July-2015
  • 250000 locations will support Apple Pay in UK
  • Store Loyalty Cards also can be added to Apple Pay
  • iOS Passbook is now Wallet

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