How to Register for Apple iOS Developer Account

iOS Developer Program

You need to logon to and follow the instructions for creation of paid iOS Developer account. This account entitles you to submit your apps to Apple store and earn on App Sales.

Unfortunately in India you can not pay for developer account online. You need to take a print of form fill the form with the details and FAX to US number.

How to fax this form from India?

Fortunately MTNL gives you an option to send FAX to US number very cheap. As now you can make US calls from India for Rs. 1 using MTNL landlines you can dial following number to Fax this filled form to Apple office.

USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore at just Rs.1 minute as by default tariff without any pack and also there is no need to pay any additional security deposits for ISD Activation or any bonafide verification.

MTNL Subscriber can make ISD Calls to above countries  by Dial 13-00 followed by ISD CODE (without Zero) and Phone Numbers. For example if any one want to call USA than Dial 13-001 followed by Phone Number.

To Accordingly to FAX your iOS Developer account purchase form you will dial this number.

13-001  408 862 7602.

For more details about ISD dialing from MTNL phones you can call 1500 or 022-22221500 (toll free)

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