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Apple WWDC 2016, from 13 to 17 June

Apple World Wide Developer conference, WWDC 2016 is scheduled from 13 June to 17 June, 2016. Keynote will conducted in bigger auditorium to accommodate larger audience that is Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco. Event is already booked by Apple developers and Technologist. Each seat was sold for 1599 USD in the month of April.

WWDC 2016

What to expect from the WWDC 2016 event.

Demos to new versions

  • Apple iOS 10
  • watchOS
  • tvOS
  • OS X may become macOS
  • Apple Pay browser integration or mobile web version like Paypal

Hardware announcement may not be done here though Apple is already working on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 pro and MacBook Pro updates.

Excerpts from the keynote will be posted here soon after the start of event on 13-June-2016.

9-9-14 is date for new iPhone and wearable device

Apple announced event on 9-September-2014 at Flint Center, Cupertino, instead of Yerba Buena.

Poster mentions date 9.9.2014 with message Wish we could say more.

Apple Event 9 9 2014


What to expect from this event ?

  • New iPhones to be launched
    • 4.7 inch display iPhone
      • 1334 x 750 with 326 pixels per inch
      • 2100 mAh battery
    • 5.5 inch display iPhone
      • 2208 x 1242 with 461 pixels per per inch
      • 2915 mAh battery
      • New Sony XMOR sensor for 5.5 inch iPhone. This may also record 4K video.
  • Improved internal speaker
  • improved biometrics
  • iOS 8 availability for all devices
  • Phosphorous chip for sensors. May Replace M7 Motion co-processor chip of iPhone 5s.
  • NFC support and NFC based payments along with VISA
  • 16 nanometer A9 chip CPU
  • Apple Reversible USB Lightning cable
  • Sapphire glass screen display. Thinner, lightweight, scratch proof and durable discover here.
  • New product category may be called iWatch
  • Apple Watch can offer
    • Touch screen display
    • Motion sensor
    • GPS
    • Heartbeat and body temperature
    • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
    • iPhone app to interact and archive data using HealthKit.

Some of the updates which are due, but Apple may not announce that for little more time

  • Improvements to iPads with biometric home button, better CPU
  • Apple TV new hardware announcement
  • improved thunderbolt displays
  • iBeacon like technology for home automation.
  • Airport express. Time Capsule integration with Apple TV