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Apple TV India update, YouTube, Dailymotion, UFC Fight

Apple TV India recently updated the firmware with new apps of YouTube, Dailymotion & UFC Fight.

Apple TV update new youtube and dailymotion

New YouTube comes with bundle of new features to search the videos better or synchronise between other devices. Bad news is that the new YouTube app now shows the advertisements as they are shown on the website and android devices. So far old YouTube app could skip all those ads without saying anything on Apple TV. Now in case if there is an ad on youtube video you’ll have to press right arrow to skip that after 5 seconds.

Now you can also subscribe to your favourite Indian channels like Colors or Sony, who release their episodes on youtube for catch-up audience.

Apple TV updates Youtube new options


Another new app that is added is UFC Fight Pass. However this is not free. You need to subscribe to this channel. 12 Month Fight Pass for UFC channels is Rs. 6,200. Its doubtful if this channel will find many audience in India.

UFC Fight pass subscription india

Good News is some of the video clippings are FREE on this channel. You can see these interviews without the pass đŸ˜‰

UFC Fight free video India

Dailymotion is totally new app to Apple TV India Box. There will be many takers for this channel as lot of Indian video content is posted on Dailymotion website which is little liberal than youtube.

Apple TV India Dailymotion


In case if you wish to know more about how to use Apple TV in India you must check this post.


Apple TV 6.0 update

Apple TV 6.0 update came soon after iOS 7.0, but due to some bricking issues Apple revoked this update. Now that is fixed and Apple TV v 6.0 update is available for download and it works well.

As it is big update, installation may take more than 15 to 20 minutes. Have patience and wait until progress bar is complete…

Apple TV version 6 installation


Once the update is applied you can see in the about section. There are software update version details. This update is 6.0 (6646.65)

Apple TV version 6 about page


You can see the new apps in What’s New Screen. Apple TV 6.0 update brings iTunes Radio for US only, not for India. iCloud Photos & Videos directly from your streams. And now you buy music/movies directly from iTunes store and play on Apple TV. Recently Apple also added Vevo and Weather Channel. If you are backing up content in iCloud, you can show photos or videos directly on TV.

Apple TV version 6 new Apps


Overall it is not great enhancement, but yes architecturally now there is huge potential in this device.