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Google Adsense cheque brings more money than EFT


Google Adsense is the product by Google to monitise the online space with advertisements. Google pays to publishers for showing ads on their websites or blogs.

Google Adsense Cheques are better than EFT

For many years Google use to pay to publishers by cheque payment. Recently Google started offering Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). With this new feature publishers actually receive dollars in their account which needs to be converted to Indian Rupees. In case of Cheque payment Google converts USD to INR at market rate and send the cheque in Indian Rupees.

Google Adsense Electronic Fund Transfer


Payment on 25-April-2014 by Cheque and EFT when Dollar Rate in market was running like this:

Selling 1.00000 USD you get 60.8538 INR
Buying 1.00000 USD you pay 60.9958 INR

USD to INR rate given by bank at the time of conversion : 59.85 (After processing charges)

USD to INR rate given by Google at the time of issuing cheque : 60.730 

You can see that Indian Publishers who are relying on Google Adsense income are in new kind of mess with electronic transfer fund feature.

Unfortunately once you’re switched to EFT, there is no way to go back to cheque payment mode.


Google Adsense April Fools Day Joke

Today is 1st April, 2014. Google Adsense is showing earnings are coming from different planets and moons. All the earnings are shown arriving from Europa, The Moon, Mars and Earth. Its funny that all the population has shifted to Europa and earth has nobody clicking on Ads.

Google Adsense Earning from Europa April Fool