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iOS7 installation errors

On launch of every new iOS, you find some issues and errors in installing. It takes 728 MB of download for iOS 7 for Apple iPhone 4s. Depending on device your download size may very.

Software Update failed : It means somehow the server is getting disconnected. This can be your slow connection or Apple server load.

iOS7 Software Update Failed

Once the download is complete the installation verifies the installation copy.

iOS7 Verifying Update...

Once the iOS 7.0 is download, then there is no sense why it gives error software update unavailable !!!

So I figured out why this error comes, if you have set iTunes as your backup mechanism you need to upgrade iTunes to 11 version and take one backup.

Once backed up in latest iTunes installation works fine. I believe this process will not be required if you’ve set iCloud as your backup.


If you try to download the same iOS 7.0 update through iTunes that is 1.19 GB download.

downloading iOS7 with iTunes 11

If you are on iMac then you also need to upgrade the OS X to 10.8.5 and iTunes to 11.1 version.

iMac OS X 10.8.5  iTunes 11.1


Finally I’ve got iOS 7.0 working on my Phone 🙂

iSO 7.0 on Tata DOCOMO iPhone

Buying an iPhone 4s in India

Apple iPhone 4s

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There are so many ways in which you can buy iPhone in India. iPhone is very costly mobile phone. Officially for buying 16 GB model you need to pay Rs. 44,500. You do have many choices to save. iPhone 4s comes bundled with great features like 8 MP camera, support for iOS 5 and iCloud. You must be careful while spending so that you take advantage of these features.

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