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How to use Apple TV in India

I’ve also posted about new Apple TV 4th generation here:

New Apple TV 4th Gen India Unboxing & Review

Officially Apple is still not selling Apple TV in India through online store or authorised resellers. It is very confusing if somebody gets the Apple TV from outside, will that work or not. What features will work and what will not work ? Will there be any issues in Installing because of different power outlets, Network & TV connectors. I’ll try to answer all these doubts with this write up.

Apple TV in India What is Apple TV ?

Television is believed to be an Idiot Box which has one way transmission, what ever is channel transmitting, you are consuming. There are hardly any ways to interact with TV. Computers with Internet connection are believed to be very Intelligent Boxes. It is easy to search video content on Internet through YouTube, but unfortunately computers don’t come with larger displays or HiFi sound system. Many people don’t even use desktop computer, instead they have Laptop  or iPad to do most of the work. People spend lot of money on LCD/LED HD Televisions with 5.1 Home Theater Audio Systems, but without Internet, TVs are actually Idiot Boxes. Apple TV bridges this gap. So you can send audio visual content from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac or PC to Television using wired network connection or WiFi network. Apart from this Apple TV brings many indispensable features that changes your perspective to Idiot box in your drawing room.

Latest Apple TV (3rd Generation) is upgraded with new interface, a new A5 processor, 1080p movie can be purchased through iTunes or as rented through Netflix. Airplay performance is amazing in new 3rd generation Apple TV.

Where to buy Apple TV ?

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