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My First Music from Apple Garage Band

This is My First Garage Band Music Production. I hope you’ll Enjoy this. Also posting this as podcast using podpress plugin in wordpress.

Garage Band Music

Process of generating the podcast is quite easy. Just export the audio to mp3 format file and upload this in wordpress as media file.

Once the file is uploaded you can take the url path and declare that as podcast in the podpress part of the post. Everything else is automatically generated for you.

podPressShowHidePlayer(‘1’, ‘’, 290, 24, ‘false’, ‘’, ‘First Garage Band Music’, ‘Deepak Keswani’);

New Xcode is based on iTunes interface

The way new Xcode 4.2 is designed, it seems the changes are done very much on the lines of iTunes. Now Xcode is single window layout. Apple is trying to bring consistency across the layouts of two of the best tools. Idea seems everyone on Mac is widely using iTunes for playing music, why not leverage the tool awareness to proliferate Xcode.

  • All the Action is communicated in top center rectangle with different background color.
  • Not only both have similar play buttons, but they are also positioned on the same side of screen.
  • Left Pane in iTunes shows the Music Library or Project hierarchy in Xcode is the way to access core features.
  • Both have + button in bottom left side. In iTunes to add a playlist, in Xcode to add a file.
  • Bottom center shows status bar. In iTunes gives statistical details of songs hours and space on disk, in Xcode gives exist code by program.

Apple iTunes 10 Screenshot

Apple iTunes 10 Screenshot

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