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I met with two snails today

Two Snails, the real one and Indian Post Office

It is really co-incidental that I witnessed two snails on the same day, one by birth and other by practise.

I was walking in the garden nearby and as it is monsoon season, earthworms and other insects are common creatures to witness. This little creature known as snail fascinated me enough to take out my mobile and click a smiling still photo. In fact I’ve never seen so obedient creatures who are still enough when you ask them to smile please.

On the very same day I’ve to visit the post office to send bunch of registered letters. I thought it is matter of few minutes. It is so simple, give the letters and money on the counter & collect the acknowledgement. But it turned out to be very disappointing experience. I’ve to stand in small queue of people to reach to the window. As there was only one attendant, it took 45 minutes for my turn to reach window. Now I was told that only 3 letters are accepted from each person. I wasted 1 hour to post only 3 letters. Across 2 days with multiple visits I could convince the attendant to co-operate and accept all letters for post.

  • Little creature’s picture on left mesmerised me. Indian Post with snail process disappoint me.
  • Snail on left is slow by birth & snail process of Indian Post is practise by choice.
  • Snail on Left is nature’s gift with no accountability. Indian Post on right is mismanaged government undertaking.

Some observation:

While I was standing in post office queue for multiple times, I realised that 70% people were standing to pay MTNL or MGL bill. Only Few were there for Speed Post or Money Order or Parcel & there was only one attendant.

I believe Indian Post Seniors realised that Postal business is going through downfall all over the world which is threatened by courier companies & high tech communication solutions like SMS, E-mail, BBM, FaceBook messaging & Whatsapp. There is 60 to 70% fall in postal business. To utilise the Postal resource to fullest they started accepting Telephone & Gas bills on the post office counter. None of them would have realised that this add on low margin service can impact their core business model itself which is letters, parcels & money orders.

Video Shooting the Moon Setting on Canon 550d with Tamron 300mm lens

It’s been always a dream to see Moon from very close distance. Every earthling can not dream of being Neil Armstrong or Edwin Aldrin, but you¬†definitely¬†like to see these celestial objects from convenience of your home or city. Now that DSLRs are becoming cheaper and other 3rd party lenses are also becoming affordable, you can think of doing at least Moon Gazing from your home.

The reasons we can not see those details of Moon with naked eye is that our eyes can not adjust as per Moon light intensity and our Eyes and basic cameras have limitations of zoom capability.

I had also attempted with 10x optical zoom 9 mega pixel Canon camera but failed to get details of craters on the Moon. This time I tried with Canon 550D SLR. The lens which came along is 18-55mm lens and does not give zoom capability. There are cheaper alternatives for Canon, Nikon and Sony SLRs. These are manufactured by SIGMA or TAMRON. Buying these lenses is like price to performance compromise to some extent. Original lenses by Canon, Nikon or Sony are lightweight, fast and even work in low light condition. Many of them already come with Image Stabilizer. If you can get lens with Image Stabilizer for shooting MOON, then it is better, but I didn’t had that choice. My Tamron 70-300mm lens is without Image Stabilizer. And Tripod is must for shooting MOON.

This video is shot with crop view mode feature of Canon 550D with full 300mm zoom and manual focus.

For Post processing, Audio Loops are generated using Apple GarageBand and Video Mixing and Editing is done using Apple iMovie.