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Twitter App Code for iOS 5

Coding an application with Twitter API use to be a lot of mess prior to iOS 5. There was no inbuilt support from Apple side. For even basic message tweeting, you had to integrate third party libraries like SAOAuth and  MGTwitterEngine.

Apple has realized Twitter is very important functionality for any App to proliferate in Social arena. Twitter being Simple and open source project is perfect choice for Apple to integrate in iOS 5.

With Twitter APi integration you can let your friends know when you scored highest in the game, when you clicked that nice photograph or when you have a website URL for reference.

Twitter is now very integral part of iOS 5 Architecture. Lets see how to build a basic Twitter Client App for Apple iOS 5 API without any frills.


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Writing Calculator for iPhone iOS in Xcode

I believe, to learn any language with GUI capabilities one must take Calculator as an assignment. I’ve build that in FoxPro, VB 2.0, Oracle Power Objects, Java AWT, Swing and JavaScript. Now it is time to build the same for Apple iPhone using iOS Programming. What I am surprised to see is that this is really not challenging. It will not take much of your time to build Calculator to basic Level.

This calculator program is capable of taking input of any number with number buttons, Clear the screen, Perform Addition Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. No Negative numbers yet.

To keep it simple I’ve not gone into decimal calculations or scientific formulas. This code is written to learn the GUI capabilities of iOS and Xcode. There is lot of scope for improvement, but idea is to start very simple.

Developing Calculator Program in iOS

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