Astronomy, Sky-gazing, Stargazing

I am not a professional Astronomer but sky or space has always made me curious. Some times I ask myself, is it for real? Just because it is not reachable we have created some notions or myths about this empty space. Every exploration or deep space study only brings surprises and raises more questions. Who knows it was only constructed to keep us busy for infinity, as space is not the same what was there yesterday. If you know we are actually on a mega marathon ride going away from where we started. It’s been millions of years. Who knows the laws created by Galileo, Darwin, Kepler or Newton will remain the same where we are going on this journey or we will need a new Galileo or Newton of that time. Who knows we are behind this dark mirror and something is always watching us from the time it started. Who knows if it is all spiral and we are in an infinite loop. Who knows what we see above is actually below for something. We could be actually in limbo. We believe that we are the smart ones, but might be lost in oblivion.

Some of the clicks I took while doing Sky gazing or star gazing.