Apple wireless keyboard is wrong at least for developers

Apple supports old emacs style keystrokes where you don’t need to move your hand off the alphabets and still move the cursor. At first Apple keyboard seems very much in line with this philosophy, but soon you realize some of the kyestrokes will actually destabilize your home position on the keyboard.

Apple wireless keyboard

emacs cursor movement shortcuts supported in Xcode

control-F: Move forward, to the right (same as the right arrow).

control-B: Move backwards, to the left (same as the left arrow).

control-P: Move to the previous line (same as the up arrow).

control-N: Move to the next line (same as the down arrow).

control-A: Move to the beginning of a line (same as the as command-left arrow).

control-E: Move to the end of a line (same as the as command-right arrow).

control-T: Transpose (swap) the characters on either side of the cursor.

control-D: Delete the character to the right of the cursor.

control-K: Kill (delete) the rest of the line. This is handy if you want to redo the end of a line of code.

control-L: Center the insertion point in the window. This is great if you’ve lost your text cursor or want to quickly scroll the window so the insertion point is front and center.

The whole point is you don’t have Control key on the right side of Apple keyboard. In absence of that your home position of the hand where left index finger of your hand is positioned on ‘F’ character is destabilized.

Same is the issue with Apple Laptops.

Mac Book Pro keyboard

Now that Apple has so many developers, Can Apple think of making some exclusive Developer friendly machines and sell these with free one year developer subscription of Mac/iOS ?


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