How to increase space in Gmail ?

Gmail Out of space

Did you go out of space in Gmail ?

Are you getting the warning message saying “You are almost out of space for your Gmail account. Once you run out of space, you will not be able to send or receive any emails until you delete some items” delete some items or purchase additional storage.

Before you buy additional space, you must consider this.

Most of the times our inbox is full of unwanted mails with huge attachments. There is no easy way to find out those huge mails. Fortunately Google Gmail has Advanced Search operator language.

In case you are in hurry and just wish to delete those huge unwanted mails you can follow these steps. Go to search bar of your Google Gmail and type “has:attachment larger:10m” and press enter.

Google Gmail Out of Space

You’ll be presented with all the emails having attachment larger than 10 MB. With this technique you can find heavy e-mails and delete them or trash them. That is the fastest way to target and clean your mail box space. Once you have cleared this, you can even try with mails larger than 5 MB like this  “has:attachment larger:5m”. Just delete the unwanted huge e-mails and clear the trash folder.

Now you can live with few more days/months without buying additional space.

If you wish to be PRO in Gmail Advanced Search Operator language you can visit this link:

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