3 Key areas of advanced features from Apple WWDC 14

Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2014
Starts: 06/02/2014 10:00 am
Ends: 06/06/2014
Duration: 18 hours:
Mascone Center, San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, California
Apple streams were available from various sources to see the keynbote live from all over the world. Apple TV already started showing WWDC 14 under icon Apple Events.

wwdc14 on Apple TV

WWDC 2004 Keynote Live Apple TV

Tim Cook at Apple WWDC14

Apple WWDC 14 Mascone Center

Tim Cook opened the keynote in front of 5000 developers and 1000 Apple employees at Mascone Center in San Francisco.

3 Key Areas of WWDC 14 keynote

OSX Mavericks released in October 2013 is installed on 51% devices, where as Microsoft Windows 8 released on October 2012 is installed only on 14% computers.


iOS7 Market penetration is much higher than Google Android devices. While Latest iOS 7 is installed on 89% devices, KitKat is only installed on 9% devices.



1. Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

  • New toolbar
  • Translucency in windows and Dock
  • Dark Mode for Pro Users
  • Calendar / Maps, Sidebar

Notification Center

  • Adopts dark Translucency
  • Today view in Notification bar
  • It is now customisation


  • Integrated with Internet applications like wiki, News, Maps
  • Messages
  • Also shows documents recently opened with application search
  • Search goes from desktop to internet with spotlight

iCloud Drive

  • Files accessible from finder
  • Store all of the files on drive and sync across other mac and devices.
  • Also Accessible from Windows


  • Multiple mails  Boxes
  • 5 GB Large attachments with mails.
  • Attachments kept on iCloud seamlessly and secured


  • All the Power provided in single bar
  • Spotlight suggestion in safari
  • Share button with recent recipients
  • Subscribe in shared Liks
  • Multi Tab View
  • Private Browsing in private window
  • WebGL, SPDY, IndexedDB, Javascript Promises, CSS Shapes
  • Up to 2 hours longer with Netflix Video
  • 2.0x DOM performance
  • 1.25x Javascript faster
  • Markup allows to edit images annotate from mail within.


  • AirDrop works between iOS and Mac
  • Handoff let you continue half work on iPad or iPhone or Mac within proximity.
  • SMS messages are relayed across the devices
  • Receive the phone calls on Mac from iPhone
  • Call straight to the number from webpage.

Yosemite Available in Fall around the globe

  • 500 million iPhones
  • New Apple in the last year
  • 97% customer satisfaction iOS 7
  • Reason updates are available to majority of devices.
  • iOS 7 adoption is 89% but Android KitKat only 9%

OSX_Yosemite_ Translucency



2. iOS 8

  • Notification interact without leaving the current application
  • double tap to get people you mostly communicate with
  • Safari
  • Mail
  • New gestures to mark unread or delete.
  • Move compose window down to see other messages in
  • favorite people can be called or facetime
  • Add reservations from mail to calendar
  • Spotlight also search apps, wikipedia and internet content.
  • Search from safari also gives spotlight
  • Keyboard – Quick Type suggestions in keyboard which is personalized.
  • Continuity. you can also pickup calls on iPad.
  • Group messages, threaded.
  • Share your location with people for hour, day or more.
  • Tap to Talk andsend audio and video messages.
  • iCLoud Drive
  • Enterprise
  • Device enrollment program
  • Automatically configures enterprise mail and applications
  • VIP Thread in Mail
  • Free / Busy in Calendar
  • Document Providers
  • Managed Books & PDFs
  • HealthKit
  • Health
  • Calories
  • Sleep
  • Nike Plus
  • Wellness plan Blood Pressure, Weight, Activity, Diet
  • Family Sharing
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Reminder List
  • Find my Friends & Kids devices
  • Sharing media (Books, Music, Videos)
  • Six Family Members
  • Kids purchase and parents get message for permission
  • Photos with iCloud
  • Search on Time, Location, Album


  • Smart Editing of Photos
  • New Photos will be released in early next year in Yosemite
  • “Hey Siri” is the call you can make to Siri to interact in Car instead of pressing button on phone.
  • Lunar Calendar

Personalisation_Features_locales iOS8_New_Siri iCloud_Drive_rates Share_purchased_music_apps_books_movies_with_Family iOS8_Wellness_plan Health_Fatures_iOS8 iOS8_Enterprise_Feature_Device_Enrollment_Program Send_voice_and_video_message_from_iMessage Share_your_Location_one_Hour_for_Day_or_indefinately

3. For Developers

  • 1.2 Millions Apps available
  • 300 million visitors every week
  • 75 billion apps downloaded
  • Explore Tab
  • Trending Searches
  • Scrolling results
  • Related Searches
  • Editor’s Choice Logo in apps
  • App bundles – discounted price  for bundle
  • App Preview – short video of apps
  • TestFlight – Beta Test Server – FREE
  • Everything available in Fall


  • 4000 new Developer APIs
  • Extensible – Offer services to other apps perform actions across the apps
  • Photo Filters
  • Documents Providers
  • Widgets for notification center
  • Install system wide third party keyboards.


Touch ID API

  • Now 3rd Party can utilise the API

Camera APIs 

  • Manual control for white balance, color balance


  • Home Automation, lights, door locks, thermostat
  • integration with 3rd party to rationalise the protocols

Cloud Kit

  • Cloud kit allows developers to avoid hosting server code on 3rd party.
  • Free with limits
  • Charged based on storage used and bandwidth consumed. These are huge limits for basic programmers.

3d Graphics

  • Metal – lightweight layer to utilize the A7 hardware.
  • OpenGL – thick layer
  • 1.3 million triangles
  • Console level Gnome cache
  • EPIC Games  – TIM Sweeny
  • Zen Garden Game
  • 10x performance compared to OpenGL.
  • Zen Garden available for Free on launch of iOS 8.


  • Light sources
  • Field Forces
  • Per-Pixel Physics
  • Inverse kinematecs
  • Scene Kit allows you to convert 2D game to 3D models very easily.


  • 14 million downloads
  • Objective-C (Served so well 20 years)
  • New Programming Language introduced in Xcode known as Swift
  • Swift Programming is fast gives instant results in right pane.
  • Swift is built from ground up.

iOS8_Metal_is_Faster_than_OpenGL Cloud_Kit_Limits iOS8_Cloud_Kit Home_Kit_for_automation iOS8_TouchID_API iOS8_Your_apps_Can_talk_to_Each_other

iOS8 Supported Devices


What is not announced at WWDC 14 and disappointed many people:

  • No new iPhone 6 or iPad device
  • No Retina iMac
  • No 4k thunderbolt display
  • Nothing about most over-due device Apple TV
  • Nothing about AirPort Time capsule integration features
  • Nothing about Apple wearable Devices
  • Nothing about Apple Home automation solutions


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