New Apple TV 4th Gen India Unboxing & Review

New Apple TV 4th Generation India

New Apple TV 4th Generation India

Here is New Apple TV Fourth Generation Unboxing & Review video for the first time. After watching this video you’ll feel enlightened and informative about usage of new Apple TV 4th generation in India.

This video Review is classified into these categories for your convenience.

  • What are the features of Smart TV?
  • How Apple TV 3rd Gen or 4th Gen converts a dumb TV to Smart TV?
  • Whats inside the new Apple TV 4th Generation Box (Unboxing)?
    • Thicker Apple TV
    • USB C port
    • HDMI 1.4 port
    • Ethernet port
    • No Optical audio, but HDMI gives 7.1 audio output
    • New Touch Panel & SIRI Remote also having accelerometer and gyroscope.
    • USB to Lightning cable for charging remote
    • Power Chord
  • Features of Apple TV 3rd Generation explained
    • Consume content from Internet like YouTube, Flickr, Podcast, Internet Radio.
    • Airplay feature to transmit photos, videos, Music and Movies on big TV screen.
    • Connect to iTunes account and play the Music and Movies purchased.
  • Comparison of Apple TV 3rd Generation with 4th Generation
    • Hardware comparison
    • Software comparison
      • New TV OS
      • Unlimited Apps
      • SIRI, Touch and motion interaction
      • Motion sensor Games


  • Demo in action on new Apple TV 4th Generation
  • Features that may not work in India immediately
  • Price of All Apple TV Models with details
    • Apple TV 3rd Generation 69$ (Rs. 5289 SnapDeal)
    • Apple TV 4th Generation
      • 32 GB for 149$ (Rs.16,499 ebay)
      • 64 GB for 200$ (Rs.21,999 ebay)

Q. Should you buy new Apple TV 4th Generation being in India ?

Answer: If you are tied up to Apple Eco-system which means you already have iPhone, iPad, iMac or Mac Book Pro and you buy Music and Movies from Apple iTunes, then it is worth to buy Apple TV fourth Generation now.

If you have old LCD/LED/OLED TV with no Internet connection, it is worth to invest into Apple TV and get online from TV. Play basic motion sensor games.

If you think Apple TV price will fall in few months and then you’ll buy new Apple TV then you’re mistaken. As per the old experience, Apple TV prices may not fall at least for two years.

If you’re looking for India specific features in Apple TV around SIRI, then you can wait for official launch by Apple India.

If you’re using Android Phones or Windows Phone and Windows operating system, you may not enjoy Apple TV much.

New Apple TV 4th Generation India

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    • Officially Apple TV 4th Generation is not launched by Apple in India, but there are few sellers on ebay selling 32 GB version at 12k INR.
      There are few apps available in Apple TV store to access NAS drives and play the movies.
      FileExplorer by Steven Zhang App comes for Rs. 300 & can access and play any files from NAS or FTP.

  1. My TV is connected to a BOSE system for sound and TATA Sky for content. I have connected Apple TV using a HDMI Switch. Can you guide me on how to get the sound output from BOSE in this set up while using the Apple TV?

    • Does your BOSE system have HDMI pass through ?
      Ideally AMPs provide such bridge for video and process the audio in its own chipset. This way you get precise surround sound output.
      In case if you've connected TV audio output to BOSE, you may hear everything only in stereo because TVs usually do not process surround sound. In this kind of setup Apple TV will send the audio to TV through HDMI and TV will send to your BOSE system.

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