OpenShot buggy audio/sound strutting problem solved

Open Shot for video editing

Open Shot for video editing

OpenShot is an amazing video editing tool with professional features. you can download this from official website here.

However while using the recent new build 2.3.4.x, I’ve encountered a bug where if you add mp3 music to one of the tracks and play the video in preview mode it makes noise / strutting sounds approximately after 2 minute 30 seconds.

I tried few old builds but couldn’t get rid of this issue. Probably it is existing from long time and happens with specific machine setup.

Solution: I converted the audio file from ‘mp3’ format to ‘ogg vorbis’ format and imported the ogg vorbis format in Open Shot tool. It is working smoothly now. Ogg Vorbis conversion is very easy and fast if you use Audacity (Open Source Audio Editing tool) to do that.

Hope that is helpful to many of the friends who are facing the same issue.

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