Sacrificing old Java Books & Tech Books for new non tech books

Finally I’ve to take decision to keep my old books with me or not buy new ones. So I’ve to sacrifice many out of this. I kept few where I’ve nostalgia and reference notes so that I can recall the learned topics. On the left side stack these are Java only Books that I read referred during my early days of career. On the right are other technical books.

I find as we grow older we come across non technical books which have longer shelf life and can be read and referred forever. So I’ve to give space to those books and give away many from this stack. Also that many of these topics are easily searchable on google as a reference point. Books are good when you wish to learn something from the scratch and wish to go in sequential way and need complete knowledge.

Some of the books are torn in to 2 or 3 parts as I’ve to carry this in backpack. These books used to be very heavy to carry while travelling in Mumbai Local train. So I used to split the book in 2 or 3 parts and read only one part on the way to the office.

List of Old Java Books & other Technology Books

Enterprise Java Beans

Object-Orieinted Design in Java

Java 2 Complete by BPB

SCWCD Exam Study Kit

Head First Servlet & JSP

Java Distributed Objects

Java 2 Platforms

Java 1.1 Certification

Java 2 Complete Reference (Fourth Edition)

Java Server Faces

Inside Java

Developing Java SErvlets

Applying Enterprise JavaBeans, Second Edition

The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide

Professional JSP 2nd Edition

Nalanda Books – \Advanced C Programming

Nalanda Book – C++ Programming

Aptech Book – Network Principles & Technologies

Aptech Book – Programming in FoxPro

Aptech Book – Client Server Applications

Aptech Book – Learning Foxpro and MS-Office

AutoCAD Release 11 Instant Reference

CorelDraw 3 Running Start

Computerised Accounting PH Bassett

XSLT 2nd Edition

Illustrated FoxBASE 2.1 Robert Granlilo

teach yourlsef C++ Fourth Edition

Computer Viruses – Prevention Detection & Removal

CMM in Practise – Jalote

Computer System And Application

Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days

Understanding dBASE III Plus

Implementing LDAP

CGI Programming

Programming in Basic – Balagurusamy

Red Hat Linux Unleashed

Rapidex Computer

Programming with BASIC Gottfried Schaum

Thompson BASIC – A Modular Approach – A first Course

PC Guide for Internet & On-Line Services

Perl 5 Interactive Course – ORWANT – Techmedia

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