Decoding the Boarding Pass Service codes

Indigo Flight Meal
Indigo Flight Meal

Ever wondered what is the meaning of Service codes that appear on your boarding pass. Here is the list of few service codes for Indigo boarding pass.

These are based on API implementation guide. You may find these useful & have clarity on what kind of meal you will be served in the flight. Also please note that these service codes may change with time. These were true at the time of writing this post.

Service CodeMeaning
VGMLVeg Meal
NVMLNon-Veg Meal
CPMLFree Option Corporate Meal
TCSWTomato Cucumber Cheese Lettuce Sandwich Combo
PTSWPaneer Tikka Sandwich Combo
MASPMakhana Salt and Fco Pepper
SMALMeal Smoked Almonds
TCSIMeal Veggie Tomato Cucumber Sandwich
CLATMeal Cucumber Cheese Lettuce Sandwich
VGTRMeal Veg Trio Sandwich(New)
VGTIMeal Veg Trio Sandwich
VSUBMeal Feta Cheese and Veg Sub with Dried Fruits
VSUIMeal Cheese and Veg Sub
CNKRMeal Chana Kulcha Roll
BHPSMeal Bhatti Paneer Salad
CNWTMeal Cashew (Salted)
CCWTMeal Unibic Chocolate Chips Cookies – 50gms
SAMSMeal Samosa
BCCSMeal Banana Chips
PITAMeal 2 Dips with Baked Pita(New)
PITIMeal 2 Dips with Baked Pita
COMIMeal Cornflakes with Milk
MUYOMeal Muesli with Yogurt
CTSWMeal Chicken Tikka Sandwich Combo
CJSWMeal Chicken Junglee Sandwich Combo
CHSSMeal Chicken Supreme Salad
CHCTMeal Chicken Cucumber Tomato Sandwich(New)
CHCIMeal Chicken Cucumber Tomato Sandwich

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