NokiaAppTasting – Why Nokia makes sense?

Every friend I tell about Nokia, they say “You know, you are wasting your time, Nokia is no more, World is taken over by Apple iPhones & Samsung Androids”.  If you think the same may be you should read this and then you know why it still makes sense to go for Nokia phones.

Nokia Lumia 900

When it comes to Phone manufacturing, all the phones are manufactured in the same plants of China. They nearly have same kind of hardware components. What is different in all these is the hardware design of the components and importance given to the quality of each component. Some manufacturer opt for Resistive touch screens to save cost, some have costly Capacitive screens to maintain quality. When you choose the brand, you actually choose the vendor who gives importance to quality of these components and who has years of experience in placing these components at right place so they sustain the jerks of life, heat of components and also last for longer duration.

  • Apple iPhone  is an American Phone which offers appox 3 years of phone life.
  • Samsung is a Korean company which is well known for mass production & they have their own manufacturing plants. What Samsung doesn’t have is good software. That’s why they are acquiring Android from Google today . These phones are also targeted to last not for more than 2.5 years. If you brought an Android gingerbread phone today you wont be able to upgrade atleast for 18 months.
  • Nokia is a Finland based company known for sturdy phone design with longer phone life. There are people who have 5 to 8 years old Nokia phones, they just work fine and do their job. Nokia made great affordable software known as Symbian, but it is lagging behind in the smart phone race. So Nokia tied up with Microsoft to provide competitive OS along with sturdy design.

Microsoft has history of making Mobile phone operating systems which were bundled on successful Mobile Models of Palm, HTC & HP in the past. Microsoft has invented all new design from scratch where they have kept user data at the center and build Metro interface to consume your data. Metro interface is supposed to be offering the best ever experience offered by Microsoft.

Combined with Sturdy Design of Nokia & age old experience and innovative Microsoft OS, Nokia Smartphones are today very competitive in price and offer state of art operating system.  Nokia Lumia phones provide easy integration with other Microsoft applications like:

  • Microsoft Window 8
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Exchange / Push Notifications.
  • Microsoft XBox

Some of my friends also argue that Microsoft doesn’t have many apps like Apple and Android”. Microsoft has about 1,00,000 apps which do perfect job what you are looking for. If you closely watch the Apple and Android markets you may find 50 apps with similar functionality resulting in crowded place.

With so many options of feature rich sturdy smart phones, Nokia would like to convey message to people to also adopt them in smart phone area. Thats where Nokia + Indiblogger team is coming together and creating the awareness about Nokia Phones and Fancy looking Accessories.

Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni

Nokia Apptasting event was held at Taj Lands End on 19-Aug-2012 with Army of Indibloggers. This was also to mark the 5th birth anniversary of IndiBlogger.  Two of the hosts were very successful in keeping the fun and spirits high for audience.

Rajiv Makhni – Indian Tech Guru who hosts Gadget GuruCell Guru and NewsNet 3.0 on NDTV. Rajiv is not just Techi, but also knows how to present and convey technology with some witty remarks.

Vikas Khanna is Award winning Indian chef who was host of Master Chef reality show Season-2. Believe me all he need to do on stage is to speak his sweet punjabi & smile to win hearts.  He brings that traditional emotions to cooking and demonstrate  innovative style.  He is author of some great cookbooks.

Nokia App Tasting at Taj Lands End

In following video Vikas Khanna is sharing his wish for dream App & Rajiv went to audience to suggest any better Mobile app to beat that. Vikas Khanna shares about conversation with his grandmother, where she interprets Obama as Payjama. Entire incidence is very hilarious and worth watching in the voice & style of Vikas Khanna.

Entire evening was most happening where many quiz and games were played. Cooking and Technology couldn’t be explained in any better or funny way. There were T-Shirts, Mobile & Accesories in prizes, Cake, Wine, Delicious dinner & Photo shoot with two hotests hosts at Taj Lands End. Thanks to IndiBlogger team for giving such a memorable evening to us. We wish them all the best and look forward to many more such anniversary celebrations.

Nokia App Tasting at Taj Lands End

IndiBlogger Army celebrating 5th Anniversary

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  1. Hi Deepak ,

    Yes you are right nokia is more durable phone compare to other but not innovative.

    if you remember , Nokia , Motorola , Sony was in the market before Samsung .
    But now a day’s Samsung is popular mobile phone brand because of their latest technology and innovative phone.

    Nokia was leading company but still they are not came up with advance technology and hardware like capacitive touch, advance processes and more Ram like what Samsung provides that’s why Nokia phone lover are not happy .

    Nokia was lazy/ slow for adapting and producing any new teach logy phone they lunch a simple dual sim mobile after 1 and half year of Samsung dual sim mobile lunched and some small mobile phone company like micro max produce many dual sim phone before nokia first dual sim phone.

    That’s why Nokia is not a mobile leading company now since they are not upgrading them self,
    And Samsung is most innovative mobile brand now a days after iphone , Nokia is producing same thing but after 2- 3 year like Nokia smart phone lumia .

    Nokia lunched Lumia which is not popular at all and this is high end smart phone from them
    But if you compare Lumia with iphone and Samsung galxy S3 you will find the difference.

    iphone is leading in Smartphone’s since they are ahead of technology and ahead to nokia aleast 3 yrs.

    Samsung adopted goggle supported android; it’s not easy to beat them by windows mobile.

    I don’t think Nokia will able to beat either iphone or Samsung galaxy.


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