Now everyone can afford Apple iPhone

Aircel iPhone 3GS  for Rs. 9999 only

Apple iPhone was believed to be the costly dream for most of the people. If you have been waiting for cheaper iPhone, here is a chance for you to grab one. Aircel is offering iPhone 3GS for only Rs. 9,999, otherwise this iPhone costs Rs. 20,000. With this plan iPhone can cost you cheaper than iPod Toch. There is a small catch, just like Amercian postpaid plans along with this you’ll have to take postpaid plan from Aircel for at least 13 months. You can choose any postpaid plan from Aircel.  In case you don’t wish to change your number you can use mobile number portability (MNP) scheme to bring the same number in Aircel circle.

This phone comes with iOS 5.1 operating system. You can do almost everything what a iPhone 4S can do. It is just little slow because of specs, but worth the cost. You can also upgrade this phone to iOS 6.0.

iPhone 3Gs from Aircel comes along with unlimited data usage for a year in 3G ciecle or for 6 months in 2G circles at Rs. 3000 /-.

How iPhone 3GS Aircel deal (Rs. 9,999) is better than any other phone ?

  1. This phone has 3 mega pixel camera with video shooting capabilities
  2. Wide capacitive touch screen which is  of same size that of iPhone 4 and 4s
  3. iPhone 3GS has WiFi capability which allows you to freely connect at any wifi hotspot
  4. This phone is cheaper than iPod Touch which will cost you at least Rs. 13,500. iPod feature is in built in this phone
  5. This phone has GPS chipset & compass
  6. Availability of thousands of free and paid apps
  7. Maps with tracking capability through your GPS or WiFi Triangulation
  8. Capability to upgrade this phone to new iOS 6.0
  9. Commitment and class of Apple Device

Don’t compare iPhone 3GS with any cheap Android phone. If you wish to compare this with Android phone look for parallel OS in Android like 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or 4.1 (Jelly Bean), you’ll realize these Android phones will not come for less than Rs. 25,000.

Note: Check with your friends who use Aircel network in your area. Aircel network is not good everywhere. If it is good in your location, there is nothing like this deal.

More details about the Prepaid and Postpaid plans of Aircel iPhone 3GS can be found here

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