iOS 6 installable is larger when downloaded through iTunes

Most famous and highly marketed version of Apple iOS 6 is ready for distribution. This was released by Apple on 19-Sept-2012 (Wednesday). Apple maintains different version of iOS distribution for each device. Surprisingly when you try to download iOS 6 for iPhone 4s from device, it is smaller. Same iOS 6 for iPhone 4s, when you download through iTunes it is larger.

Apple iOS 6 for iPhone 4s
Apple iOS 6 update is only 626 MB for Apple iPhone 4s when downloaded through phone itself.

iOS6 for iPhone 4s download through Apple iTunesiOS 6 update for Apple iPhone 4s is 912.8 MB when downloaded through Apple iTunes.

If you maintain the iCloud backup for the phone, it is highly recommended to download Apple iOS 6 through device only rather than Apple iTunes. That will be faster and reliable. I’ve seen many time download failures on iTunes for iOS 6 at about 70%. Somehow it is not resuming the download. That is the feature which is available with App Store and works very nice.

iOS 6 download error -3259

Apple iOS 6 brings 200 new features to Apple devices mainly worth mentioning.

  • Apple’s own version of Maps
  • Youtube is not pre-bundled, but available as separate App
  • SIRI now also available on iPad
  • Passbook, wallet like app to store your coupons, movie tickets or boarding passes.
  • Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking apps are in built in iOS.
  • Shared Photo streams
  • Facetime available through cellular operators now
  • Text messages and voicemail features on receiving of phone call.
  • Advanced Mail app and Safari Browser
  • Accessibility with guided access
  • Camera app with Panorama photo capabilities
  • Find my iPhone, Find my Friends.
iOS 6 is compatible with 
  • iPhone – 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
  • iPod Touch: 4th and 5th generation
  • iPad: 2 and New iPad


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