New Apple iPhone 5 at the price of iPhone 4s

New iPhone 5 Features

Most awaited Apple iPhone is announced. Yes Apple iPhone 5, new iPod Touch and iPod nano are added to Apple store. Everyone said, there were no surprises from Apple side, it was all known what will be released through hardware rumours. But you need to have combined perspective from hardware and software point, what is being offered here.

So what’s new in iPhone 5

  • New A6 Chip CPU with 2x speed and 2x faster graphics
  • 4 inch (diagonal Retina display
  • 1135 x 640 pixel resolution
  • 326 pixels per inch Retina display
  • Now also supports LTE, capable of 100 Mbps data transfer speed over the cellular network
  • Advanced Wi-Fi with 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz on 802.11n.
  • Nano SIM
  • SIRI for voice commands
  • 8 megapixel autofocus camera
  • LED Flash
  • Panorama Photos.
  • 1.2 MP Facetime camera with 720 HD video.
  • 1080p HD video recording (30 fps & video stabilization)
  • Take still photos while recording video
  • Face Detection
  • Apple EarPods headphones with remote and Microphone. (with Storage and travel case)
  • Lightning connector with both the direction pins.
  • Same 8 hours battery life for talk time. longer battery life for 3G/LTE/Wifi connectivity.
  • 224 hours of standby hours.

Comes with Same price of iPhone 4s.

Pre-order starts from 14-Sept-12, shipping starts from 21-Sept-2012 in US.

Unlocked iPhone 5 with 16 GB should cost same as iPhone 4s today. So new iPhone 5 should be priced Rs. 44,500 in India.

iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 operating
New iPhone 5 provides more space vertically and width is perfect to where your thumb can reach.

iPhone5 Calendar 5 days
New iPhone 5 in landscape mode can show very detailed 5 days of week in Calendar.

iPhone 5 with LTE gives 100 Mbps speed
iPhone 5 with LTE Chip gives speed upto 100 Mbps. Apple claims LTE can be faster than WiFi.

iPhone 5 comes with A6 chipset
iPhone 5 comes with A6 chipset which is 2x faster speed CPU and 2x faster Graphics.

iPhone 5 assures better battery life.
Even though new Apple iPhone 5 has bigger screen, faster processor, LTE browsing, but still iPhone maintains same battery life or improved time in some of the cases.

iPhone 5 iSight camera
New iPhone 5 comes with 8 megapixel still camera with Apple patented 5 element lens technology for crystal clear photos in all light conditions.  You can also click wide Panorama photos which can go upto 28 Megapixels.

iPhone 5 for HD 1080p video recording
With iPhone 5 you can do 1080p HD video recording, comes with improved video stabilization & face detection. Now you can also click photos while recording a movie. 1080p HD video is good quality video suitable for viewing on your big 50 inch LCD/LED Television or Monitor.

iPhone 5 with Timeshift gaming
With new iPhone 5 you can play parallel game with your friends not only at the same time, but also later to beat the records. This technology is known as TimeShift Gaming.

iPhone 5 with Timeshift gaming
New smaller connector known as Lightning, replaces the age old 30 pin connector. Lightning connector is 80% smaller. Double sided pins give reversible feature.

Lightning to 30-pin connector  Lightning to 30-pin adapter for 29$
In case if you have many accessories with 30 pin connector like speakers, Dock or anything, you can buy Lightning to 30-pin adapter.

iPhone 5, iPhone 4s & iPhone 4 rates in USA
iPhone 5 will cost same as iPhone 4s in USA with the post paid plan. 199$ for 16 GB (Same unlocked version in India should cost Rs. 44,500)

New EarPods with iPhone 5
EarPods are revolution in audio listening technology form Apple. After long research Apple offers a headphone which comfortably fit into everybody’s ear and gives perfect audio broadcast to ear drum with bass cylinder behind. Apple EarPods comes with wired remote control and microphone.

Apple EarPodsApple EarPods for 29$

Apple EarPods are also available separately. As Apple made huge money by selling magnetic covers for iPad, now they will make huge money with EarPods, because this will be purchased by owners of old Apple devices.

iPhone 5 availability across the world
And finally when you can buy new iPhone 5. If you are in United States, you can pre-order this now, deliveries will start from 21-September-12. iPhone 5 will be shipped with iOS 6 (Yes!  iOS 6 also will be available for download to old iOS devices from 19-Sept-2012).

iPhone 5 will be available in 100 countries with 240 carriers by December-2012. It is expected Apple will sell about 26 million iPhone 5 units all over the world.

Many people were disappointed with new iPhone 5 features, but consider this

  • You are assured state of art architecture (new CPU, Larger screen, new Headphones, 3 Microphones, 8 mega pixel camera, HD Video recording & new latest  iOS 6)
  • Old Apps just work fine, because screen size is increasing only vertically.
  • Always growing app store with so many cost effective and free Apps.
  • Even if you consider life of this phone as 3 years you should get two more iOS updates with many more features.
  • Architecture is very developer friendly, since there is not much change the way apps need to be coded. This means more Apps.
  • And above all there is no change in the price. You are still paying the cost what you paid for Apple iPhone 4s.

If you still think your options are Samsung Gallaxy SIII or Samsung Note:

  • You get bigger screen but you can not operate these devices with Single Hand.
  • You will be stuck with Android Ginger bread (2.3) or Ice cream sandwich (4.0) for entire life of phone.
  • Remember all the apps first launch on Apple store later they go to Google Play store.
  • You may have to charge your phone twice a day to use the features.
  • You don’t get the Glass and aluminium phone but a plastic phone.
  • Apple Devices are class apart and the status symbols.
You can’t afford it ?


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