Apple iOS Apps available in Indian Rupee currency now

iPad ios Apps in Indian Rupees Currency

It is really exciting to see that Apple iOS apps are now priced in Indian Rupees. This will avoid lot of confusion in terms of changing currency rates to dollars. You can see new Indian Rupee price tags all over on iTunes, iPhone & iPad devices.

Below are Apple iPad Apps in Indian Rupees
iPad ios Apps in Indian Rupees Currency

iPhone Screenshot with Apps listed in Indian Rupee currency
iPhone Paid apps in Indian Rupees


Here are iOS apps in Indian Rupees from Apple iTunes Store
iTunes iOS Apps in Indian Rupees


What are the fixed price tag offered by Apple and how much developer keeps in sales ? here is the chart.
Apple Developer App price list & developer share from sales

It seems like Apple actually has bigger plan for India. Apple is only streamlining the payment mechanism for Indian buyers. Once process is in place, Apple has many pending features to be launched in India like Music, Movies & TV Episodes or support for in Store purchase across Indian Apple stores.


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