Apple TV 6.0 update

Apple TV 6.0 update came soon after iOS 7.0, but due to some bricking issues Apple revoked this update. Now that is fixed and Apple TV v 6.0 update is available for download and it works well.

As it is big update, installation may take more than 15 to 20 minutes. Have patience and wait until progress bar is complete…

Apple TV version 6 installation


Once the update is applied you can see in the about section. There are software update version details. This update is 6.0 (6646.65)

Apple TV version 6 about page


You can see the new apps in What’s New Screen. Apple TV 6.0 update brings iTunes Radio for US only, not for India. iCloud Photos & Videos directly from your streams. And now you buy music/movies directly from iTunes store and play on Apple TV. Recently Apple also added Vevo and Weather Channel. If you are backing up content in iCloud, you can show photos or videos directly on TV.

Apple TV version 6 new Apps


Overall it is not great enhancement, but yes architecturally now there is huge potential in this device.

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