How to download Apple OS X Mavericks in India?

So you wish to upgrade your iMac or Mac Book with Latest Apple OS X Mavericks. You tried to click software update many times and nothing really happens. Here is the way on how to download Latest Mac OS X Mavericks on your Mac. As everything is evolving people forget a lot and relate this download process with iOS 7. No it is not the same.

Apple use to ship DVDs to Apple Stores or homes. Then they started selling the entire Apple OS like Mountain Lion from App Store. So the process is quite same, but it is free now. To download visit the app store and search with keyword “Mavericks”. You’ll find the link to free upgrade the OS.

Make sure you have about 10 GB or more free space as install file itself is of 5.29 GB.

Fastest way to download is to visit this apple page to download Mac OS X Mavericks in India.

Apple OSX Mavericks


bye bye mountain lion, welcome Mavericks


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