Add WiFi support to your camera with Transcend WiFi SD card

Transcend Wifi SD Card Class10

It is becoming very common to have WiFi facility in your camera. Samsung offers Android based Wifi camera where your camera is connected to the network and you can instantly share your photos or videos or take backup on dropbox.

But Samsung doesn’t offer great flexibility or any features for professional photographers. Canon, Nikon offer nice DSLR cameras with ability to change lens or manually override the configurations. But problem is that professional cameras do not offer any inbuilt WiFi support.

What if you wish to see the instant preview of picture clicked on bigger screen of iPad or Computer Monitor ? This will save your life in case if your photo shot was blurred because of shake or low light. You can instantly adjust and take another best shot soon.

Transcend Wifi SD Card Class10

You can connect your Canon or Nikon DSLR through WiFi with Transcend WiFi SD. This is storage-cum-WiFi solution bundled in the size of traditional SD card. This comes approximately for Rs. 3000. You can buy this from Flipkart or snapdeal websites.

Once you turn on the camera with this SD card, it automatically creates WiFi hotspot. You need to connect your iPad/iPhone or Android phone to this hotspot network to access files directly from camera. You can download or share these files on social network. There is FREE app available in app store to see pictures or videos from the SD card.

Internet mode is also available, where you can access these files through your regular WiFi network. You can browse through Photos and Videos or see instant preview of photo that is recently clicked.

From Computer you need to logon to camera storage through browser by typing url Default user/password is admin. You can see or download these files instantly until the camera is on.

Transcend WiFi SD card default hotspot password is “12345678”.

You can know more about Transcend Wi-Fi SD card from here:

Official Video of the product:

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