Indian Universal Remote only for Rs. 299

Primuz Universal Remote For Indian TV, Set Top Boxes

Primuz Universal UL-501 Remote Controller was available on Flipkart for Rs. 299 under an offer. Actual Price is Rs. 900. Grabbed this offer in few minutes and turned out to be real good deal.

Primuz Universal Remote is manufactured by SRV Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 79. Remote is lightweight, sturdy has nice grip while holding. It has most of the buttons required for controlling any TV and Indian Set Top Boxes.

  • Works with all the TV, DVD, Set Top Boxes (STB), VCR & Amplifiers (AMP)
  • Works with 800+ Brands
  • Infrared Range: 15 m
  • Customisation option available for Tata SKY, Dish TV, Airtel
  • Infrared Frequency: 0 – 455 kHz
  • Number of Keys: 44
  • Battery last for a year (Batteries Not included)
  • Single Control Remote for 5 Device

Primuz Universal Remote For Indian TV, Set Top Boxes

Primuz Universal Remote For Indian TV, Set Top Boxes

Universal Remote Manual

Universal Remote for India




I could easily customise this remote for LG TV and Tata SKY set top box in 2 minutes (Direct Code Setup). Configuring Apple TV took 5 minutes as I used the learning option of Universal Remote.

How to customise Primuz Universal Remote for your Home Appliances ?

There are three ways in which this remote can be customised for devices.

  1. Direct Code Setup
  2. The Search Method
  3. The Learning

Accompanying manual has all this information and codes for Various TVs, Set Top Boxes, VCRs, DVDs, Amplifiers. Without this manual Primuz Universal Remote is useless and very difficult to use.

How to configure Primuz universal remote for LG TV?

  • Press TV button on left top
  • Press and hold down the “M” Magic button until the red LED underneath the power key blinks twice
  • Enter 4 digit code for LG TV which is 0178. The Red LED will blink twice.
  • Your remote is ready to be used for LG TV.

How to configure Primuz Universal remote for Tata SKY set top box?

  • Press SAT button on left top
  • Press and hold down the “M” Magic  button until the red LED underneath the power key blinks twice
  • Enter 4 digit code for Tata SKY STB which is 1997. The Red LED will blink twice.
  • Your remote is ready to be used for Tata SKY set top box.

Primuz Universal Remote gets fully mapped with Tata SKY remote. It is even capable of invoking recording function on your set top box if it is available. Unfortunately all the Tata SKY remote buttons are not available or there is no substitute. Features like Tata SKY Active, Info Button, Plan button to visit recorded shows. Organiser and Showcase button are not available.

Configure Universal Remote with Apple TV

How to configure Primuz Universal remote for Apple TV?

  1. Press DVD button on left top (I don’t have DVD player so assigned Apple TV to DVD button)
  2. Press and hold down the “M” Magic  button until the red LED underneath the power key blinks twice
  3. Enter 4 digit code for Tata SKY STB which is 975. The Red LED will blink twice.
  4. Keep Primuz remote and Apple TV remote sensors facing each other.
  5. Press the function on Prmuz remote that you wish to configure like MENU. The red LED on primuz remote will start blinking.
  6. Press the Menu button on Apple TV remote. Blinking will stop.
  7. Repeat the operation 5 and 6 for configuring all the Apple TV remote buttons.
  8. Finally keep “M” Magic pressed until the red LED underneath the power key blinks twice.
  9. Your Primuz remote is ready to be use with Apple TV.

Order Primuz Remote now from Flipkart

Check if your TV or Set top box is listed in Manual Pages

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  1. Please tell me if this remote control is compatible with Onida LCD TV. My older remote is not functioning. Will this review control work?

  2. Hi,

    I bought this remote today but not able to find the code for Videocon D2H settop box. Please share if you could find.

    Thanks !

    • You are right, Videocon D2H is not listed in the manual. You can try the search method to see if some code works automatically, otherwise you'll have to train each key to remote from old remote.
      To search the code:

      Press the SAT button
      * Hold the Magic button until the red LED in power blinks twice.
      * Press 991 number red led will blink twice
      * Now point your remote to set top box and keep pressing ch++ button.
      * As soon as your set top box powers off, press the magic key to store the configuration.

      Later on you can use premiuz remote for that set top box.

  3. I got Primuz 401, I successfully configured remote for my TV but I couldn't find the code for cable STB in the manual.I even tried search method as explained in manual but coukdnt get thru.
    My STB is manufactured by LOGIC EASTERN.pls help

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Can we use this universal remote for both the settop box and TV simultaneously?
    or do we need to reset the frequencies if we want to use for other device?

    • Yes, You can use the universal remote simultaneously for 5 devices.
      You need to press the TV, STB, DVD, AMP or VCR and then use the remote on that device. These are just the slots. If you wish you can even configure five TVs to be controlled from same remote without reseting.

  5. Hi Deepak, Not able to set up Philips Sound Bar DSP475U, could not found code, whatever availble there has been tried out. Can you pls. help me.

  6. Can you please provide me with the codes for PACE set top box for PRIMUZ UR 401. the codes given in the manual for PRIMUZ UR 401 are not working, even the search method is not functioning.

  7. I have a Philips lcd TV and Philips home theatre. I tried all codes for Philips TV codes. Not working and even home theatre I tried tru amp codes, not working. My other remotes not working

  8. is it will work's on vediocon colur T.v please tell code for vediocon colour t.v and code for dish TV set top box..

  9. Can I set Dish TV Set top box- 03 digit Channel No. to Single digit Key No. on Primuz Universal Remote control.
    E.g. Channel No. 692 on Dish TV to be configured with Key No. 02 on Primuz Universal Remote control. So that when I press Key No. 02 on Primuz Universal Remote control Channel No. 692 shall be viewed on my TV.
    Please suggest.

  10. How to set up primus ur-401 with lripl-500 cable set top box. I had tried search method many time but not working

  11. Hi., I brought a primuz ur-401 remote and I also st my tv nad set top box,but I could not set my sony dvd,so please say how I set my sony dvd

  12. Got it today from Flipkart.
    The learning worked just once. Now the remote does not learn.
    The TV and SAT which were programmed earlier still work.
    Tried Samsung programming code on DVD and AMP 0618 (which is working on TV mode). It does not work on these modes.
    Is there a way to rest the whole remote? Tried 976 on DVD and AMP. No change.

    Will taking the batteries out reset the whole thing?

  13. Please tell me the code of INTEX LED TV … I've bought this remote. but stuck at configuring the remote 🙁 I dont have the Original tv remote too. 🙁 please help..

  14. Hi Deepak. Trying to get the remote to work with the Lloyds TV. Tried both codes but no luck. Also the search method doesnt work. Any tips?

  15. I am having Intex home theatre (IT-4800W) model, can anyone please suggest whether this remote can work with this intex model.

    • Well there are 3 modes in which you can configure this remote.
      1. Find the code of your device in Manual and configure.
      2. Search the code by pressing buttons so many times.
      3. Train this remote from your existing remote and this remote adapts the buttons. Takes max 5 minutes once.
      So technically this remote can work on any kind of device TV/Satellite/Amplifier/Cable Box or even Air conditioner.

  16. Hi Deepak,

    I really appreciate you patiently answering each and every query.

    Please help me out : Will this remote work for Kenstar TV



    • There is no setup code listed for Kenstar TV in Manual which means you won't be able to configure this remote for Kenstar TV with single code. But you can train the remote to work with your TV in training mode. Mostly we use TV remote for on/off switch, volume and change input mode. You can train these buttons to Primuz universal remote and it will work on your Kenstar TV forever. Remote Training is only one time setup process which can be done in less than 5 minutes

  17. Hi Deepak,

    I bought this Primuz 501 and it work very good . I seen in some review , shortcuts can be programmed by using the magic key . If that is possible, could you please let me know the how to do that?


  18. sir
    please tel me i have a dth box i STAR korea A-07 what romte lost please tel me how can pair set top box with your universal remote if buy how can i pair

  19. Is your remote control works on set top box of Durostar HD-786 S2, this STB using to access free to air channels only, its code is 0000, may ple guide me.

  20. Can I control my Philips sp050 home 5.1 theatre system? I have lost the original remote. Also, how do I train for this home theatre?

    Regards and thanks..

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