Primuz Universal Remote Manual for India

Universal Remote Manual

Sharing the Primuz Universal Remote Manual as many people have lost the small paper copy. You can refer this for codes to configure your LDC TV, Satellite Box, Amplifier or DVD player.

Primuz Universal Remote For Indian TV, Set Top Boxes


Universal Remote configure codes for Indian Satellite Set Top Boxes

  • Tata SKY  – 1997
  • Dish TV – 0128, 1300, 1780
  • Sun Direct –  2525
  • Airtel – 2248, 2243
  • Reliance Big TV – 2526
  • Videocon D2H – Not Available
  • Hathway – 2048

Universal Remote Manual Pages from 1 to 8

Universal Remote Manual Pages from 9 to 16

Universal Remote Manual Pages from 17 to 24

Universal Remote Manual Pages from 25 to 32

Primuz Universal Remote for any Indian Device available only for Rs. 299

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  1. Sir i got primuz universal remote but want to know code of amkette flash tv hd plauer has not been mentions in code manual. tried many time but could not get success help me out

  2. the remote is working fine with tata sky dth, sony tv & phillips dvd player but i am not able to set up with F & D 6000u home theatre ,please possible help me
    thank you

  3. i bought Primuz Universal UL-501 Remote Controller and universal code is not availbel videocon HD dth box,How to pair manually?

  4. i purchased primuz ur-401, for my stb( act digital tv).box was manufactured by yinhe(JiangSu Yinhe Electronics Co.,Ltd. )

    pls send me code asap

    thank you

  5. I had purchased one Primuz remote controller model UL501 using manual I configured for my videocon TV,but I am unable to configured it for Videocon D2H Setup Box I am not able to find its code from manual will you help me out from these problem or do I need to replace it..

  6. I am having Mitashi 711 HD DVD player. I lost the original remote control.
    Can this work with Primuz Universal UL-501 Remote Controller?

    Please help me.



    • MANTHAN uses Cisco, Changhong, Technosat and Homecast Set Top Boxes. Check which set top box you have and search for code accordingly in manual.
      For example Technosat code is 1206 or for Homecast you can try code 1214, 1680 or 1700.

      • Hi Deepak,
        What would be the code for FastWay Set top box, it is manufactured by Cisco and i am not able to find its code in the manual.
        Please help.

  7. Hi Deepak Bro,

    I have ordered Primuz UR – 401 Remote Controller from flipkart

    but i don't know how to use this remote,

    Please tell the procedure,

  8. Thanks deepak bro & now it's working:)

    Deepak bro any other code is it available for sundirect hd stb,code 2525 not working:(

    • Sorry, I can not help. Probably they changed the specs for HD box. See if you can find STB manufacturers details somewhere on the box and search that in Manual. Otherwise you can use the search or train feature of remote.

  9. Deepak sir, i have purchase Primuz UL-501, it is working with Tata sky STB, but it is not working with my TV Haier, I have tried 0698, 0264, 0779 but nothing works. I have tried search method, but its not working. Can you suggest some more code. What should i do now ?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi,
    I have bought Primuz remote few days back. I tried to configure with my Micromax LED tv. I used all the 8 codes of 5 digits mentioned for Micromax. All the lights seems blinking as mentioned but TV is not switching off.
    Same for search options.

    please let me know what to do else I will return back through flipkart

  11. i am able to configure primuz 501 for lg tv and dish tv stb. however i am not able to configure zebronics home theater. pls help me with the code,

  12. Hi, just wanted to know that if this remont can be used to operate old CRT TV ? Specifically Videocon TV (old CRT) ?

    • Yes, It works with all the appliances. TV, DVD, Set top box, Amplifier, Air conditioner, Fans/coolers with remotes. There are three ways in which you can configure this remote. There are four digit codes for many appliances listed in manual. You can search for your device. If both of these fail. you can train your remote from old remote. key by key.

      • Hi Deepak,

        Thanks for the wonderful explanation. I have successfully configured my Primuz remote for LED TV, Setup Box and Music System but I am getting no success in programming it for Air Conditioner remote(via learning mode). Would you be able to assist me here. Its a SHARP AC with original remote CRMC-A791 JBEZ.

        I am doing following steps to achieve this:

        1. Select VCR on Primuz (As I do not have VCR)
        2. Keep 'M' magic button pressed until it blinks twice
        3. Keep both remotes facing each other
        4. Select BLUE button on Primuz(As I want to copy AC remote Power button to BLUE button)
        5. RED light blinks rapidly
        6. Press POWER button on AC remote
        7. RED light on Primuz stops blinking
        8. Keep 'M' pressed until RED blinks twice.
        9. Face Primuz towards AC, Press VCR and the BLUE – But nothing Happens 🙁

        Am I doing something wrong? Can you please assist.

  13. Please provide code for below as its not detecting my Samsung tv and d2h , I have tried search method as well.

    Videocon d2h
    Samsung led tv UA40F6400ARLXL

  14. Hi,

    I've procured UL-501[2 pcs] and successfully configured for Samsung TV[both CRT & LCD] and Dish TV HD STB, however unable to configure for the following devices-Please suggest and help.

    1. Siti cable Set Top Box
    2. Sony FLX 5D HiFi Music system & HT
    3. Philips Blue Ray DVD player DVP2000

  15. Sir. Could u please provide me the code for Aiwa Vcd music system. I have purchased UR 401. Pl let me under which category should I configure, ie under dvd or vcr?

  16. Iam using primuz 501 remote. I've configured tata sky hd box remote by entering 1997 code. Major functions are working but rewind forward play pause record functions are not working. Where as all functions are working in 401 remote by entering the same 1997 code.
    Plz provide me solution

  17. Dear Deepak ji..I had purchased primuz 501 universal remote for my new micromax hd led TV. I tried to install remote via training and searching mode but unable to install so please help me to install it..

  18. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for sharing the manual. In manual there are only 2 codes for Onkyo.
    I wanted to configure more buttons where can I get the codes for all Onkyo remote buttons (Rcvr Model HT R 510) (Remote Model RC 518M).


  19. Sir, I have a digital set top box manufactured by Bharath electronics.

    Kindly advice if your remote can be used to access the set top box as my old remote is damaged

    • This remote works with all the devices with IR receiver. Only part that you need to see is that how easy it is to configure. If you are able to find the configuration code from the manual it is 2 minute job. If you can not find the code then you can train the remote for all the buttons from another remote in less than 15 minutes. Training the remote is one time job.

      • I have purchased primuz 401, Could you please advice us that, this remote can support Samsung smart tv 2013 Model.

  20. Please let me know how to factory reset this remote as mine has developed some snag. The red light blinks 6 times with every press of any button. Please help.

  21. Hi Deepak,

    Can you please give me the scanned manual or the codes for UR 401? I lost the manual and need the codes urgently to setup my devices.


  22. How can I use remote for both tv and Airtel set top box together?
    I mean, volume control for tv and channels control for set top box.
    model UR-401.
    Please help.

  23. Can you please give me the scanned manual or the codes for UR 401? I lost the manual and need the codes urgently to setup my devices.


  24. I have purchased Primuz UR-401.
    I want to configure it with Micromax TV and ICC Cable Changhong Set-top box.

    Please help.

  25. Please send Primuz remote controller model:UR-401 five digital code to connect the remote to fastway set up box.

  26. am unable to 501 remote for hatway cbl as the shows 2043 in manual it will not work in webiste code shows 2048 it not takes at all.

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