Amazon Echo India Unboxing and Skill Demo

Amazon India recently launched 3 different models of intelligent speakers with launch discount offers.

Discount offers (You Also get 1 year additional Prime membership)

  • Order Amazon Dot for Rs. 3149 :
  • Order Amazon Echo for Rs. 6999 :
  • Order Amazon Echo Plus for Rs. 10499 :

These Amazon Speakers are not just speakers but a full fledge internet computers. Usually you interact with computer using keyboard mouse and monitor, on mobile you interact with touch screen. On Amazon Echo speaker your interaction is with set of microphones for input and speaker for output. You can request almost any music to be played with voice command. These songs are being played from Saavn and TuneIn radio. You can ask any intelligent questions and mathematical calculations or details about Bollywood or Hollywood stars, ministers, weather. You can control intelligent lights. List is just un-ending.

The interactive assistant needs to be called with the name as Alexa and given the request to be fulfilled from Internet. Amazon Echo uses your WiFi to connect and find the answers to your questions.

Each ability of Alexa Echo speaker is known as Skill in programming world. They are just like apps. You can enable new skills as they are available on Amazon India through Amazon Alexa App. This app is the way to interact with Amazon Echo visually.

Watch this video for Amazon Echo India Unboxing and Skill Demo.



Amazon Echo : How to connect multiple speakers to Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to switch between speakers.

Some really tough questions for Amazon Alexa to test how much Alexa knows about India.

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  1. Do you know that you cannot post a review about the echo devices on :). The product is missing a lot of features and amazon doesnt want anybody to talk about it

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