Exam Warriors-book for youth of new India by PM Narendra Modi

It is very unusual when you hear Prime Minister of India writing a book to de-stress the youth of new India. This book is for youngsters who are going for the examination and worried about their preparation and performance. Entire book is designed with good spacing and fancy comic fonts and cartoon characters. Exam Warriors book was released on 3-Feb-2018 in Delhi.

Book is released by Penguin Books and costs only Rs. 100 which sounds like subsidised rate looking to the quality of book and number of page. You can get further discounts on online order from Amazon or PayTM. Details of discount or deals in the bottom of post.

Book offers 25 Mantras by PM Narendra Modi to youth of new India. These are

  1. Exams are like festivals – Celebrate Them
  2. Exams Test your current Preparation, Not you. Chill
  3. Laugh In, Laugh Out
  4. Be a warrior, not a Worrier
  5. Knowledge is Permanent, Pursue It
  6. Compete – with Yourself
  7. Its Your Time – Make the Most of It
  8. The Present Is God’s Greatest Present – Live Here and Now
  9. Technology Is a Great Teacher – Embrate It
  10. To Do Your Best Take Adequate Rest
  11. Sleep Is a Great Weapon – Sharpen It
  12. Play to Shine

  1. Be Your Own Anchor – Celebrate Your Strengths
  2. Revise and Become Wise
  3. Little Things Matter – Observer Exam Discipline
  4. Your Exam, Your Methods – Choose your own Style
  5. Presentation is Key – Master It
  6. To Cheat is to be Cheap
  7. The Answer sheet is a one way ticket – Move Ahead
  8. Discover Yourself – Experience All that life offers
  9. India is Incredible – Travel and Explore
  10. As one journey ends, Another Begins
  11. Aspire , Not to be But to Do
  12. Be Greatful
  13. Yoga Brings Transformation – Practise regularly

Some of the Mantras like “Treat exams like Festivals” were addressed during “Mann Ki Baat” in January 2017.

Apart from 25 key Mantras for youth of new India, there are also Letters to Parents and Teachers & Yogasanas.

This book will be really handy guide in shaping the youth of new India. Parents can gift this book to their children appearing for  board exams of 10th or 12th this year.

MRP of the book is Rs. 100, but Amazon offered this book only for Rs. 60 till 15-Feb, which included shipping for the prime members. PayTM is giving a deal of  Rs. 50 cash back to your account.  Order this from Amazon

Same book is also available in Hindi Language. Order this from Amazon


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