Apple WWDC 2018 keynote – Apple OS updates

Apple Mac OS Mojave Update

This year Apple WWDC 2018 conference was organised at San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, United States from 4-June-2018 to 8-June-2018. Most important part of this conference is the keynote and demonstration given by Tim Cook and teams.

All OS updates, no new Hardware this year.

  1. Apple iOS 12 for iPhone, iPad devices
  2. Apple TV OS update
  3. Watch OS 5
  4. Mac OS Mojave


Apple iOS 12 update

  • Apple Team has worked from the ground to enhance the software speed and performance
  • Switching to camera, clicking photos or starting apps is much faster now even on old iPhones and iPad
  • For the first time Apple is not obsoleting any more iPhone or iPad. All the iOS 11 devices will get free update
  • iOS 12 brings Facetime with multiple people. You can facetime upto 32 people. whoever speaks comes in focus and becomes bigger on screen.
  • New emojis support, plus now you can create your own animoji called memoji where you can design your own cartoon face with skin color, hairs, eyes color, nose, specs with the colors and sizes that you want. Then you can save this and use this to post captures or animation.
  • Augmented Reality brings new ARKit 2 which changes gaming world. there are also apps to measure the real world objects without a tape. just by pointing camera to these.
  • Regarding Fear of Missing out (FOMO) Apple iOS 12 helps user to monitor his/her screen time and suggests to log off.
  • Combine notifications by grouping or turn off them from them from notification itself.
  • Do not disturb over night will not annoy by showing notifications. It only shows notification once you wake up and unlock the phone first time.
  • Now friends clicking each others photos from iPhone will be pointed out to sync up their collection with click of the button.
  • Photos app will intelligently identify the objects places in photos and allow you to search on those terms.
  • Siri shortcuts for most frequently used apps
  • Apple iOS 12 protects your privacy by disallowing tracking even through fingerprinting techniques.
  • New news and stock app with better looking UI.
  • New design for Apple Books

Watch OS 5

  • More activities recognised for fitness.
  • Yoga is also a fitness and you get credit for that.
  • In case if you forgot to start the fitness activity monitoring, it gives credit from start of the activity.
  • Activity competitions with friends
  • Monitors your heart rate and warns if overdoing something
  • Apple podcasts on watch
  • Walkie Talkie which will work from cellular/Wifi for registered friends with press of a button
  • Improved notifications
  • Carry ID cards on Apple Watch, Major US campus cards can be transferred to Apple Watch. Then onwards no need to carry ID cards.  These ID cards will also work for snacks, laundry and dinner facilities offered by campuses.


Apple TV OS update

  • Free upgrade to 4K content for old purchased content from Apple
  • 4K HDR new standard support
  • Introducing Dolby Atmos Sound. gives 360 degree sound experience from compatible sound bar.
  • Many titles being upgraded for Dolby Atmos sound.

Apple Mac OS Mojave Update

Mac OS Mojave update

  • Dark Theme for Mac applications
  • Based on clock automatically updates the desktop wallpaper with day or night view of the landscape
  • Auto arranges the desktop icons / shortcuts based different categories. gives cleaner look of desktop
  • Added windows like information panel on right in finder tool to know about metadata of files.
  • Windows like Gallery view from finder.
  • Quickly rotate your images or perform actions on them.
  • Simplified the screenshot taking or recording a part of screen in video
  • Integrate your iPhone and click photos from iPhone those get automatically used in applications instantly.
  • Multi Facetime with better view. upto 32 people can do facetime now with Mojave update
  • New News app, Stock app, Home automation app, Voice memos app
  • Mac app store completes 10 years and goes through major revision
  • Keeps you protected from websites and application tracking you.

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