Rajdhani Meal Box after plastic ban

Many working professionals look for fast working meal options without giving up the traditional Indian taste. Rajdhani Meal Box is one such option that comes in 3 different sizes. One can order the appropriate choice depending on the appetite and time available with the person. Recently Plastic Ban has taken the toll on food delivery industry. I was wondering after plastic ban how is Rajdhani Restaurant serving Meal Box. Rajdhani is famous for serving tasty unlimited veg thali in their restaurant. They also offer 3 different forms of Meal boxes. Special Meal box has 2 vegetables, dal, rice, farsan, 5 small rotis, papad, pickle, sauce and sweet (Gulab Jamun). Before the plastic ban some of the packaging was done in small plastic containers. there used to be plastic spoon in the box. Rotis wrapped in aluminium foil.

After the plastic ban, all the packaging is done in aluminium disposable containers. Rotis are packed in approved special aluminium plastic bag. Use and throw wood spoon is provided instead of plastic spoon. Of course there is a little spillover. Tissue is soiled because of spillover. So far it is good work around, but we need to find some elegant, hygienic food distribution packaging which looks good and also biodegradable.

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