How to use Apple TV in India

I’ve also posted about new Apple TV 4th generation here:

New Apple TV 4th Gen India Unboxing & Review

Officially Apple is still not selling Apple TV in India through online store or authorised resellers. It is very confusing if somebody gets the Apple TV from outside, will that work or not. What features will work and what will not work ? Will there be any issues in Installing because of different power outlets, Network & TV connectors. I’ll try to answer all these doubts with this write up.

Apple TV in India What is Apple TV ?

Television is believed to be an Idiot Box which has one way transmission, what ever is channel transmitting, you are consuming. There are hardly any ways to interact with TV. Computers with Internet connection are believed to be very Intelligent Boxes. It is easy to search video content on Internet through YouTube, but unfortunately computers don’t come with larger displays or HiFi sound system. Many people don’t even use desktop computer, instead they have Laptop  or iPad to do most of the work. People spend lot of money on LCD/LED HD Televisions with 5.1 Home Theater Audio Systems, but without Internet, TVs are actually Idiot Boxes. Apple TV bridges this gap. So you can send audio visual content from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac or PC to Television using wired network connection or WiFi network. Apart from this Apple TV brings many indispensable features that changes your perspective to Idiot box in your drawing room.

Latest Apple TV (3rd Generation) is upgraded with new interface, a new A5 processor, 1080p movie can be purchased through iTunes or as rented through Netflix. Airplay performance is amazing in new 3rd generation Apple TV.

Where to buy Apple TV ?

You won’t be able to buy the Apple TV from Apple online store or authorised resellers. Best way to get Apple TV is ask some friend coming from USA, UK or any other country where Apple TV is sold. This will cost you much cheaper and it is very easy to carry. Apple TV in USA is available for $ 99. As per US Dollar to Rupee conversion rate this should cost less than Rs. 6000. Alternatively you can find few sellers through Google search, but can’t trust them. Here is one found on Rediff who is selling Apple TV for Rs. 7449 + Rs. 200 for shipping in India. Buy from Rediff

Apple officially announced Apple TV in India on 19-Feb-2012 for Rs. 7900 /-

So now you can just visit Apple store or Apple reseller and buy this.

Apple TV India Ports on back side Do you need anything else to enjoy the Apple TV ?

  • You should have LCD/LED Television, preferably with Full HD support for best experience.
  • Television should have HDMI port to take content from Apple TV.
  • If you have 5.1 Home Theater Speaker system that will further enhance your experience.
  • Wired connection near the Television or good quality WiFi network signal.
  • 1 Mbps above Internet connection for acceptable streaming of video. 2 or 3 Mbps above will make video streaming smooth.
  • USA to India power adapter. (You don’t need power convertor. Apple TV accepts 110 to 240 voltage)
  • You need to buy HDMI cable separately (Costs anywhere between Rs. 125 to Rs. 400) . This is not provided in the Box.

Apple TV India Whats In the box What do you get in the Box ?

  • Apple TV black coloured small cube.
  • Remote Control
  • Power Chord
  • Warranty & Manual

How to Install ?

  1. Connect the HDMI cable one end to Apple TV and other end to TV.
  2. Connect Ethernet cable in case if you do not have WiFi network
  3. Connect the power cable
  4. Turn it on. There is no button on Apple TV. It shows white light on front when it is on.
  5. You may be shown some License and agreement on startup.
  6. You’ll see only Home & Settings menu on startup. Other menu options appear when you logon to Apple account.
  7. In case if you are using WiFi network which has password. You can go to general settings to set that Network password. Apple TV also allows you to configure automatic DHCP network settings or Manual network settings.
  8. Once network is configured, you can login with your apple id to see all the menu options. Also remember, you need to choose the country to show the local TV shows and Movies. India is still not listed here. You need to choose USA / UK or some other country.
Apple TV Computers And Setting Menu
Apple TV Settings Menu
Apple TV About Menu option

Apple TV in India with Full Menu What features on Apple TV work in India ?

  • YouTube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Photos from Flickr
  • Photo Streams
  • AirPlay for sending Photos, Audio, Video content to Television from Apple Devices or iTunes on Mac/PC
  • AirPlay mirroring with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad & Mac
  • Home Sharing from iTunes and Apple devices.
  • Wall Street Journal TV
  • Movie Trailers
  • Podcasts with Video and Audio content
  • List of Streaming Radios from all over the world.

Playing International Radio Stream on Apple TV India What features from Apple TV does not work in India ?

  • NetFlix
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • Hulu Plus
Apple iOS Remote app available:
  • Apple Remote App converts your iPhone/iPad in Apple TV controller. This is very useful when you have to type some text.
  • There is one more app which works in AirPlay mirroring mode, where it shows pointer where ever you keep the finger on iPad. This can be good tool while showing some demonstrations on Apple TV.

Future plans for Apple TV:

  • Apple is in talks with many local channel providers in each country. Just like WSJ channel all the channels can come on Apple TV in future. This will remove the need for separate set top box in home.
  • Apple iOS apps model has been very successful on iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad. This can be extended to Apple TV in future. By architecture Apple TV is not different from these devices. The great caution will be required in developing these apps, because 1080p Video transmission or AC3 audio transmission through app may block lot of memory and processing power. There can be camera & Microphone inputs to add more complexity to app.
  • Once the Apple data centers starts performing with full capacity, Apple can start providing SIRI (Voice command) software on Apple TV. Day is really not far when you will be able to speak to your Television and ask for program you wish to see rather than searching everything with remote in hand.

Apple TV Features explained in detail here

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    • Dear Rakesh, I’ve heard Apple is in talks with BSNL to sell Apple TV as packaged product with BSNL IP TV service. If this becomes reality, it wont take long to receive 100+ Indian channels through Apple TV. Also if they can make a deal with Reliance for BigFlix, We’ll have complete Indianised version of Apple TV.

  1. Hi thanks a lot for the awesome info , I just had a query regarding playing avi format movies. I use good player to watch avi format movies in my iPad do you think I can watch the same via Apple TV or will AirPlay Mirroring pass on the sound too to Apple TV ?

    • AirPlay Mirroring passes the sound too to Apple TV. If you can tell me the name of the avi player software, may be I can test and confirm 🙂

  2. Thanks Deepak. Your article was very informative. I had a query . If I connect my iPad through a HDMI cable to my LCD tv I should still be able to play videos from YouTube etc. If my only need is to fire videos from YouTube do I still need to buy an Apple TV? Also Apple TV if bought from US- will it have warranty support in India

    • Well, it is all about convenience. Usually you would like to sit on couch at distance from TV for watching. HDMI wired connection is fine, if you just wish to play music, show photos or play youtube.
      Apple TV bought from US will not have official warranty support in India.
      1. Usually Apple way of working is very different. They like to help people who own Apple products. Many times they don’t even look into warranty details.
      2. Apple TV has no moving parts, it is totally sealed one piece device in small cube form.

    • An iPad doesn’t have a HDMI output. The only way to get audio+video out of the iPad is either through the dock connector or over AirPlay (with a corresponding AirPlay receiver such as the Apple TV 2 or 3). You can of course try connecting a laptop over HDMI to mirror your laptop screen on your fancy TV, but the AirPlay solution is very elegant at a very nominal cost.

    • No,
      USB port is available for service purpose. That is not available to us.
      Only way you can connect to internet is through ethernet or WiFi.
      == Suggestions:
      You can connect Tata Photon plus dongle on your laptop and create Ad Hoc WiFi network through your laptop. This can be used by Apple TV.
      Alternatively you can buy 3G wifi router, where you can insert the mobile SIM card to access the 3G network and share that connection to Apple TV.

  3. Frankly, iTunes in India sucks!
    If you happened to ever see the iTunes offerings in the App Store in the US, you would realize how little we have here.
    iBooks, is also no good here.
    I wonder what all would be the offerings if I were to buy the Apple TV once they launch it here?
    I know shops in Delhi selling the Apple TV for 10K, where they set up a US account for you. I’ve been in a dilemma to wait for the launch or buy the slight expensive “jugaad”
    Deepak, any thoughts?

    • Dear Anubhav,
      iTunes India is in nascent stage currently. But switching between stores in Apple TV is very simple. I keep on switching between stores to explore without any hassel. It is matter of going in settings and choosing country.
      10k sounds very expensive to me. I would recommend to find some friend in US or Europe & get that from there. You can also check on for better price. There are many sellers on ebay who sell Apple TV between 7k to 9k.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    I just brought over my apple tv to mumbai, where i have a tikona wifi connection. So far I am not able to connect up, saying I need to install a profile. However, as I am working on smart devices and windows laptops, not a Mac, i cant work out how to operate the configurator app to set up the profile… I am wondering if you have heard of any other problems using tikona wifi with apple tv?

    Best regards

    • Sorry Natile,
      I do not have any experience or heard any problem with Trikona Wifi for Apple TV. I believe when you connect Trikona Wifi on other devices, it shows you browser popup to enter credentials. Unfortunately there is no Safari on Apple TV. That is where it is probably failing. I would recommend you to do initial setup with some wired connection & later try Trikona Wifi. Probably Trikona Wifi engineers might be having some alternative for authentication in manual way.
      I am not even sure how you are going to use AirPlay feature on public WiFi. It will be best to get mixed plan from Trikona, where you can use the same account with wire or using WiFi. Your personal router will allow you to connect iPhone or iPad on private network and stream content directly to TV using AirPlay feature. AirPlay feature does not even require Internet connection. Your local private Wifi through router is sufficient.

      • Hi Deepak,
        Good news! Apple TV is connected on Tikona Wifi! All they had to do was assign me a static IP on my connection. They were super helpful too. Really appreciate how they helped me solve the problem. So… hope that may help someone else who encounters similar issue!

  5. dear sir, i have an apple tv from australia and i have problem in installation here in kerala, india. should i have mountain lion in my my mac book air for installation? thank u. regards, moorthy

    • Your Question is little confusing to me. Actually there is no need to have any other device along with Apple TV. Apple TV works along with your TV, without any other Apple device. And Apple TV OS is way different from Mac OS X and iOS. Bottom line you should be able to install Apple TV in INDIA without any other device. If you can be more specific about installation problem, I can help.

  6. Hello. Actually I wanted to ask from you that I’m getting an Apple TV from US so do I need to have a US apple Id or my Indian account is fine.

  7. Suppose i have a movie in my mac in a format which apple does not support in its player and i use some other player like Real player etc to watch it , so can it be streamed via apple tv to my tv ?

  8. I wanted to ask from you that,like how much speed my wifi connection should have in order to play games and play videos smoothly without any lag and hanging through AirPlay mirroring. And is wifi connection better or Ethernet cable. I’ve heard many people saying that playing games through AirPlay mirroring is slow.
    So what you suggest me to do because I only want to use it for games and videos.

    • Kartik, You are right,
      If you are using WiFi router which is sitting in bedroom & Apple TV on LCD/LED and iPhone are in drawing room, AirPlay Mirroring may show you a lag. If you have all 3 in the same room, you may not notice any lag.
      If game itself comes with AirPlay feature, your bandwidth requirement is lesser, but when your game doesn’t support AirPlay you can still play that on bigger screen using AirPlay Mirroring. This requires lot of Bandwidth. In such case if your Apple TV is not getting full WiFi signal, you may notice a lag.

      If you are playing video through Video AirPlay, Apple TV is very smart, it loads the video in cache and plays that. You can control this video with Apple TV remote also. But Mirroring can be slow because you are not taking advantage of cache.

      To achieve best performance I would recommend having Apple TV on ethernet and iPhone/iPad getting full WiFi signal.

      If you have not yet purchased router, I would highly recommend to buy one with three Antenas. (for example TP-LINK TL-WR941ND)

      • Actually my router is in my lobby and my tv is in my room ( on the same floor )and I get full three bars of wifi connection on my iPhone and my wifi speed is like 4-5 Mbps of download speed and 1-1.5 Mbps of upload speed. So would the game lag over wifi because the Ethernet cable is not possible.

        • I would suggest you to take your iPhone to the corner where you will keep the Apple TV & measure the WiFi Signal strength. This will give you exact quality of signal you can get.

          Try using Apple remote app from the same location to control iTunes running somewhere on the local network.

          This will give you rough idea of signal quality and if there will be any lag.

          There are number of ways to improve and enhance the WiFi signal. You can try those.

  9. sir


    I have a LCD TV [HD] in India. I am bored with the High Definition Digital Video Recorder of TataSky.


    Can you say that Apple TV will be more useful, due to the availability of user generated content?

    I have TataPhotonPlus and a dongle which I am using with my Apple I Pad just now.This gives me a wire free Internet connectivity for my Apple I Pad.

    Can you assure me that with this wire less Internet, I can use Apple TV to watch seamless video streaming (such as YouTube, etc) on my HDTV using a HDMI Cable?


    Is the picture quality the same as using a DTH connection?


    Can I buy Apple TV now or should I wait further for seeing improvements?


    Is it available through Flipkart?


    Kindly reply in detail.



    • Dear Rajeev,

      Please understand, I don’t represent any company or any institution. I am Techie just like you and sharing my experience so that friends like you can take decision to jump on new technology or wait or make some changes in infrastructure.
      Here is my opinion.

      • I don’t trust 3G connections for Internet, because they are always prone to traffic on tower. If you have more people connected to same tower, speed of Internet drastically goes below the standards. For Apple TV it will be good to have Wired connection reaching home. Inside the home you can share the Internet with wired or wireless technique with Apple TV.
      • Video quality of Apple TV can be set to 1080p if you have very fast bandwidth, which actually gives better experience than DTH boxes. Any wired 2 MBps above plan should give you good experience.
      • Apple should bring major enhancement to Apple TV by Q4 – 2013. In fact people are predicting thunderbolt display connectivity and multiple versions of Apple TV. If you wish you can wait for that time. I felt like jumping in early so invested this immediately. I extensively use Apple TV for AirPlay & watching my Favorite Video Podcast & YouTube on big screen 🙂
      • Flipkart is not selling Apple TV so far. If you are fine, you can try I would rather spend some money travelling 50 km anywhere to buy this from store. Or you can ask some friend to get it while travelling
    • Dear Prathik, You can buy iPad Mini from any Apple Store or any Apple reseller.
      Regarding Carriers, I believe in India 4G is just initiated & available in selected cities.
      You can get good 3G plans from Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Tata Docomo, Airtel & MTNL. But be careful, they are not available in all circles. Check if your circle and roaming area works with 3G vendor. In the worst case you can rely on 2G GPRS connection, which is good for browsing web & checking mails, Not good for YouTube or live streaming.

  10. Hi Deepak,

    I’m back.
    So its officially here, the apple tv. A quick question, you think it still makes sense to buy it in India?
    There is around Rs 2000 odd difference between the one we can buy from the US and the one available here, basically just paying extra for warranty.
    There is no other buying consideration, is there?

    • From the hardware & software perspective, there is no difference, what you get in India or USA. You can switch to USA or India or any store by selecting the options in Apple TV.
      Personally I feel there is no moving components in Apple TV, so chances of anything going wrong are very less. If you have somebody visiting from Abroad, you can save this money & take the risk. This is also because we should see a lot happening with Apple TV product section in coming years. So this device should go through major upgrades in coming two years. Which means your investment will not have very long life. Some new version will make this model obsolete faster.

  11. HeHello I have one major doubt.


    If Apple TV is launched in India, will it paralyse the television viewing habit in one way or other?


    Can we say that a mini laptop (which has a battery lifer of 5 hours) is similar to Apple TV?


    Suppose if we connect Apple TV to a LCD/LED TV using a HDMI cable, will the video be hassle free and fast streaming?


    Is the speed of the Internet connection an important factor?


    Is yes, what should be the minimum speed of the Internet?

    • Dear Rajeev,

      I don’t know if it will paralyze the television viewing habit. All I could say I spend more time in meaningful way. I don’t waste my time watching 5 min program and 10 min advertisement. I choose what I need to watch. I chose the more wider sources of information. I am not imposed with limited number of channels or sources. In short TV becomes much intelligent with Apple TV.

      Laptop experience and Apple TV experience are un-comparable. Apple TV is all about viewing on big screen with good Home Theater system. I know many of my friends say “It doesn’t matter if the song is being played on Mono speaker, we can hear the lyrics well and sing along”. I don’t recommend Apple TV to them.
      Apple TV is for the people who close the windows & doors, reduce the fan speed or turn on silence mode in air-conditioner, dim the lights & recreate that magical experience which director intended every audience should experience. Apple TV is made for those Geeks 🙂

      If you have proper 2 MBPS or above bandwidth you will have hassel free Video experience.

  12. Hi Deepak

    Thanks for your article! Very helpful indeed!

    Just a few questions and am hoping you could help me:

    a) How do you get “AirPlay” on your IPAD/ IMac/ MBA (have all these 3 and cant see the icon anywhere

    b) I have a Bose Home theatre. If i connect the Apple TV directly to the TV through HDMI port. Now do i have to choose the “input” on TV which corresponds to that HDMI port? and will i still get the sound from the home theatre?

    c) If i have some movies on a hard disk how can i see them through apple tv…. it has a micro USB port.. can i somehow connect the hard disk through the micro USB port?



    • Dear Manish,

      a) AirPlay icon will not appear until Apple TV is turned on and connected to your local network. Once Apple TV broadcasts the availability on network, you can see the icon.

      b) Ideally Home theater should provide multiple HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, which goes to your TV. Not sure if you have that in your BOSE home theater model.

      c) No, USB port on Apple TV is service port and only for Apple technicians to debug some problems. You can play these movies on your MBP and send by AirPlay to your TV.

      Hope that is helpful 🙂

  13. I have got Apple TV from US. However, it’s power cable reads 140V. Can I use it in India where power supply is 240V. I have not plugged it in so far fearing a potential damage.
    Please advise.

  14. Bro have a small doubt . Have an Apple TV 3 which was bought in U.S and iam using it here in india , as I can see Netflix is not working here and Iam having and Indian apple I’d .

    Just want to know if I have a U.S apple I’d will I be able to use Netflix ?

    Plz suggest .. Or Els let me know how I can run Netflix on my Apple TV 3 from India ..
    Thanks in advance ..

    • No You can not use NetFlix in India. Restriction is not based on ID but IP address. Officially NetFlix is not supported from India.

      Unofficially, there are few alternatives which are suggested by people online. You can use proxy/gateway from USA to route your NetFlix traffic and use it. Here both the bandwidth pipes need to be very good. Your connectivity to Proxy and Proxy connectivity to NetFlix server. In second solution there are few companies selling USA IP address for monthly charge.

      I’ve not tried any of these & do not know how will that perform.

  15. Hii ,

    one website(infibeam) is offering i phone 5 + Apple TV in  Rs 45500.

    Is it worth?? what do u say.

    Also i would like to ask is it worth paying more for iphone 5 instead of i phone 4s.




    • Apple 5 is really worth, because you get more space for your app. Better camera & Lighting connector. Lighting connector ensures longer support from Apple and if you are getting Apple TV along with it in same cost, it is even better. I don’t have any experience shopping from infibeam so I can not comment on that part. Check with other local iPhone authorised dealers in your area, if you get discount or Apple TV free with that.

  16. Hi Deepak,

    I am looking for indian channels available on apple tv. Is there any app for apple tv offering indian channels in US, itunes?

    • So far there is only one channel offered on Apple TV, that is Wall Street Journal. Currently there is no facility to install any apps. These are Apple built apps like Music, Movies, Podcast, Flickr,YouTube, WWDC, Radio, WSJ TV… It is expected Apple is working on releasing existing app store to Apple TV also.

  17. i want 2 know that this divice can connect with any company lcd or led or it can connect only with apple tv or i want 2 know the price of apple tv

  18. Thank you Deepak for this helpful article. I use AV Player HD on my iPad 2 for playing videos in different formats. If  I use Apple TV and Airplay mirroring will I get full screen display on my TV? Irrespective of the app running on the iPad can I use Airplay mirroring  to get full screen display on TV?  Can you recommend any App that can be used to stream videos to Samsung Smart TV without using Apple TV?

    • I’ve not tried the AV Player HD on my iPad. If AV Player HD supports AirPlay, you can see the fullscreen view on your TV. In case of mirroring you will not get 16:9 ratio output. Even if you do full screen in iPad, you’ll get windowed view on your TV. I believe Samsung Smart TV supports Android based phones or tablets for viewing on big tv. In case of Apple iPad, all the videos in Apple Proprietary format and YouTube Format can be seen in full screen mode.

      • I believe AirPlay is supported in AV Player HD. This is what I see in latest update.

        What’s New in Version 2.01
        Added Features
        • Improved H/W decoding
        – Fixed a shaking screen problem on h264 AVI
        • Added Lock to landscape
        • Restored a scaling mode
        • Seeking with holding PREV/FF buttons.

        Improved Features
        • Audio related problems
        – Fixed abnormal audio problem on AirPlay with MP4.
        – Fixed a mute problem when seeking
        – Improved audio synchronization and glitches
        • Password function

        Fixed Bugs
        • Abnormal information display on downloading files.
        • Fixed subtitle display problem such as “0000,,”
        • HTTP / FTP port changing problem.
        • Many other bugs on 2.0

  19. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for helping all of us. I have a specific question

    Can I use Indian Apple Id if I buy the Apple Tv from USA and want to use it in India with USA based proxy VPN  for USA country specific content like Netflix and Hulu Plus. I have a Netflix and Hulu account in USA.


    Rajiv Lakhwara

  20. Hi deepak,


    One quick question. Does apple tv enable the mirroring of a windows laptop to the hdtv?

    Say I want to mirror my laptop screen to the hdtv (I have a  Sony LED Smart tv) and play movies on the laptop so they mirror on my tv.

    A friend has it, I couldn’t figure out how to do it in their house otherwise I was quite impressed with the product because I don’t have a mac!

    • Hi Tanya,
      Sorry, but you can not mirror windows machine to Apple TV. AirPlay Mirror protocol is designed only for Apple machines.
      For your Sony Smart TV, you can look into the DLNA support and configurations for accessing your laptop movie directly from Smart TV.

  21. Sir  Please tell me whether Ican strem Picasa videos from  iMediashare of iphone4 to Bravia tv

    using  Apple tv ,imported from  usa.

    • You can use the iMediaShare to stream to your Apple TV using AirPlay feature.
      Apple TV is same across the world as far as the hardware is concerned, it is your iTunes country selection which changes the apps you get on Apple TV.
      AirPlay Streaming and Mirroring has no difference across the world. This is standard feature that comes with all Apple TV boxes.

  22. I want to know if I can connect WIRELESSLY my Acer PC (in bedroom) to my LG LED TV (in living room, 25 ft away) using Apple TV. If yes tell me how to do it. If possible, I may buy Apple TV (which generation?)


    • You can not connect a PC to Apple TV because PC doesn’t support AirPlay Protocol. At least so far.
      You need to have Apple device to stream that can be iPhone, iPad, iMac or Macbook.
      25 ft away is not a problem as long as you have Wireless router signal reaching correctly to your Apple Device and Apple TV. Best way to handle this is by keeping router in between your bedroom and living room. You can also consider buying Wireless router with new standard which supports maximum bandwidth using AC protocol. Latest and only generation available in market for Apple TV is 3rd generation.

  23. Hi Deepak

    I read through the different solutions posted. But I am having one query. I am using Sony Viao and Sony Bravia. Is there any provision to watch movies in my laptop wirelessly in my hd tv.



  24. Hi Deepak

    Thanks for writing the article. Very helpful indeed.

    I have one query. Can i connect my dish (tatasky) to this appletv? Can I watch my tv shows in this device as I am watching it now?

    If yes,how?




    • You can have Tata Sky and Apple TV both working together but on different HDMI port.
      Now a days all LCD and LED TVs offer multiple HDMI ports for input. So you connect Apple TV on one HDMI port and Tata SKY on another HDMI port. Then you can switch between ports using TV remote.
      If you don’t have HD box from Tata SKY, then probably you are connecting Tata Sky box to the TV with AV chord which has 3 pin socket. You can still switch between AVI and HDMI port and have both Tata Sky & Apple TV working in parallel.

  25. Dear Keswani,
    Thanks for all the information. I have an external hard disk containing my movies, videos, songs and photos. I can connect this to my iMac. You have mentioned above that this can be streamed from my MLB. May I please know what exactly ‘MLB’ stands for.
    If I understnd  this and have a MLB, I will buy an Apple TV from a store in India.
    S N IYER

    • I think you are mixing two points together.
      MLB stands for “Major League Baseball” that is the app provided on Apple TV. Probably I mentioned MBP in this context, which is Mac Book Pro.
      Regarding your requirement, yes of-course you can stream from your iMac to Apple TV. Once your Apple TV is connected to LCD/LED, and wifi or ethernet network is turned on, you’ll see screen mirroring icon on iMac in operating system top bar. Using the AirPlay Mirroring feature you can duplicate the entire screen to Television and also send audio to Television speakers or Home Theatre through Apple TV.

  26. Thanks for the correction. I am 80 years old and prone to make mistakes. On closer study, I discovred that my iMac can not perform Airplay as it is early 2010 iMac which does not have the hardware for Airplay. However, I shall try streaming with the latest VLC and try if it works.

  27. So as of today, it would be more useful to play from you tube and use airplay from ipad and iPhone.


    But, will it be able to play content on my windows PC iTunes library using any system.

  28. Hello Deepak,

    Perfect review.

    I am looking to buy Apple TV but have following queries.

    1. I have a 1 MBPS line, connecting to my wifi router. I get actually download speeds of around 100 to 150 kbps.. I understand ther streaming of youtube, etc will be on slower side.. but will it affect mirroring as well? or does mirroring work within my wifi lan itself?


    2. Have you tried using plex + Airplay mirroring? I think it should work.

    Looking for your help..

    Thanks in advance.

    • You will have option in Apple TV to reduce the picture quality from 1080p to 720 or lesser resolution. This way you can enjoy the Apple TV even with lesser bandwidth.
      Airplay Mirroring works without the internet, as this is connectivity between your device and Apple TV through local network. Quality of mirroring depends on router type & ethernet/WiFi connectivity.
      I’ve not tried Plex, but almost everything works with AirPlay mirroring.

      • Thanks dude

        Last question.. This device fits my bill.. But is it too old? Like how much future proof is it? Or should i wait for apple tv 4gen???
        I considered the following options but not fit my bill
        Roku, chromecast, wd live tv hub and rikomagic.

        • Usually when we don’t have satisfactory answer, we say that is good question 🙂
          It’s been more than 600 days, Apple has not upgraded Apple TV hardware. So yes it is due, but this can happen anytime in 2014 and we don’t know if that means faster processor or more memory or completely different architecture. I’ll suggest you to keep a watch on this link:

  29. Hi Deepak:

    Its been 24 hours since I connect the Apple TV presented to me in US. I am at a loss on how to see more content like movies and tv serials, etc. Right now I am enjoying hearing the Jazz channels on radio. Now that I have found you ad your excellent answers to Apple TV, how do I subscribe to Hula Plus if Netflix is not an option in India. What else can one do with Apple TV in India for entertainment programs (not trailers). Thanks.

    • When Apple TV was launched in India, Hulu Plus didn’t restrict streaming with US iTunes account. I am not sure if that still works. People suggest some proxy or VPNs which can bypass region restrictions, but I’ve never tried all that. You do get YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Apple Events, WSJ TV, Podcasts, Radios and lot of movies and audio from Indian iTunes store at cheaper rate when compared to US.

  30. Hi – i want to confirm which apple tv should i buy 2nd  gen or 3rd gen.  I a, getting 2nd gen cheaper from some one  and loking at us websites 2nd gen is being sold for a premium due to the possibility of jailbreaking it…..pls advise

    • It is not just the 1080p video resolution.
      ATV2 has A4 CPU
      ATV3 has A5 CPU
      ATV2 has SGX535 Graphics processor
      ATV3 has SGX543MP2 Graphics processor
      ATV2 has only 256 MB Memory
      ATV3 has 512 MB Memory
      So you can see how ATV2 is obsolete.

    • Frankly I’ve never measured how much bandwidth is being used on my router while Airplay mirroring is going on. As it is on my local network and its free I never bothered about this area.
      If you are just browsing through the screen, the bandwidth consumption should not be much as Apple TV AirPlay must be optimised for Apple Devices. Bandwidth consumption may be medium when you play a game or deal with highly interactive App & Highest when you play HD quality video. I am not sure but bandwidth requirement for screen interaction should be less than 2Mbps, 2-5 Mbps for gaming and more than 5Mbps for HD video. Don’t sue me if that is wrong 😉

    • You may get YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and some apps on new Smart TVs.
      Key feature that you can use with Apple TV is Airplay with Apple Devices. Mirroring of MacBookPro, iPhone, iPad wirelessly. In last few updates Apple has added number of additional apps which allow you to tune to live broadcast of SKY, Bloomberg and other countries. Apple Events are now covered live on Apple TV. This section is going to grow soon.

  31. Hi Deepak,

    This thread has been a great learning resource, just been gifted an ATV which i plan to hook up. Wondering if the Apple TV acts as a router itself? Can it directly bridge the HDTV and the fibreoptic internet cable that feeds into my current wi-fi router? Will this improve streaming performance?

    • Thanks & Congratulations for owning new Apple TV box.
      Apple TV is a bridge to bring Internet or Smart Processing power to Dumb Television, but Apple TV itself is not router.
      Apple TV is actually client like computer to receive content from Internet. You can hook Apple TV on Ethernet network or connect using Wifi.
      If your Fibre Optic terminal/Router provides ethernet clients you can directly connect Apple TV to this for best performance. You might have to login to your Internet Service provider through PPOe or some protocol which can only be done dedicated routers. Apple TV can be client to that router through ethernet or Wifi.

    • Technically you can do it. In India I doubt if you get good bandwidth and consistent Internet connection on 3G.
      Your iPhone may heat up considering the bandwidth it will transact and battery will also drain faster.
      If you are fine with this, you can try that.

  32. Deepak this is not just superb and comprehensive information, it is written and organized extremely well that anyone can understand. I wish more and more people who have information on complex subjects would write the way you have written.

    Thank you very much!

  33. Hi Deepak,

    I bought an Apple TV from US and HDMI cable too. But he sound is not coming.I have tried all the troubleshooting available on apple support. My LG HD TV is bought in december 2008.
    Does it has to do something with the TV model.


    • Usually some people have audio being routed through Home Theatre system. If that is the case HDMI cable also should be routed through Home Theatre system.
      If you have connected HDMI cable from Apple TV to your LG HDTV, please check if your TV volume is not muted and it is high enough.
      If you still don’t get the audio, try changing HDMI cable. This should solve the problem.
      In the worst case you may have to re-flash the firmware of Apple TV or replace the Apple TV itself.
      That is very remote possibility.
      Do write back if something works out from this… 🙂

  34. I am unable to mirror tata sky everywhere tv through my ipad to my monitor.I tried Av cable as well.Any clue on that or Tata sky had not made the content which can be mirrored.Any help is appreciated!!!!

    • Dear Girish,
      After receiving your comment I tried to send Tata Sky Everywhere TV to my television through AirPlay Mirroring, but it failed.
      Frankly speaking I never thought about doing this, as whole idea of Everywhere TV is to have another personal portable TV.
      I believe Tata has blocked the screen capture feature to avoid the piracy, otherwise people will figure out the ways to record the content using screen recorders. Tata Sky need to ensure broadcast material is at least not easy to copy and redistribute.
      If you wish to watch Tata Sky on big monitor I see this can be only done by having HD box with HDMI output and add on box plan which comes for about Rs. 2200 per annum all the channels from main pack.
      Everywhere TV will have very limited channels for Rs. 60 /month. Rs. 720 / year.
      I know it sounds very costly for enjoying basic few channels, but legally there is no alternative.
      Tata Sky documentation for Everywhere TV.
      Tata Sky has taken all measures to control piracy on Everywhere TV. You are liable to use Everywhere TV for private and non-commercial use, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions hereof and take steps to prevent piracy (i.e., unauthorised transfer/recording/ duplication / projecting of content to any other device or using it Everywhere TV outside the territorial boundaries of India). Any Subscriber who has activated Everywhere TV on his / her registered Device, if found indulging in piracy or using Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) to access the same, will be liable for blacklisting and deactivation of its Tata Sky Account and Tata Sky and its Content Providers shall have the sole right in this regard.

  35. Thanks Deepak for your promt reply.Any idea about dish tv or airtel pocket tv.Can they be mirrored using apple tv to a big tv.


      • Hi Deepak,

        I am planning to buy the apple tv from US, i have few question on this.

        1. If we buy from US, whether the warranty is applicable world wide?
        2. Is there any new version (gen 4) of Apple TV comming up this year, if so can i wait for it?
        3. I have a sony led 32″ tv, where i have youtube over there, if i buy the wifi dongle , i can use the youtube inside the sony tv itself right? in that case how this apple tv will be useful.
        4. Whether i can use this apple tv for playing games from my iphone 5 or ipad air?

        • 1. You may have to refer the Apple TV product warranty documentation acquired from US. Usually Apple supports own products anywhere in the world.
          2. Yes, new Apple TV is due from long. There may be hardware and software updates coming soon, as Apple signs up more Television players.
          3. Apple TV has far many uses than just watching YouTube videos. You can read complete features here:
          4. Yes, Many games support AirPlay feature to see everything on big screen, otherwise you can turn on AirPlay mirroring to play games on big screen. There are games under development where you will use your iPhone only as motion joystick and play game on bigger screen using Apple TV. Search for Rolomotion video on YouTube to know more.

  36. I have an old TV Phillips with AV-in and not HDMI.
    What cable do i need.. I need the name of the cable so that I order correctly from amazon/ebay.

    HDMI to AV-IN ?


    • You will need HDMI to RCA cable. This will cost you around Rs. 800 on Amazon.
      However remember, this is not the solution, but a work around. You are greatly compromising with quality.
      If you can afford, it will be good to upgrade to a Basic 25 inch half HD or Full HD, LCD TV or monitor.

  37. Hi Deepak,
    You rock man!!! nicely provided the usage and explanation of Apple TV. Keep it up, God bless you

  38. Dear Deepak,
    I just bought Apple TV from Singapore for use in Bangalore and commissioned it yesterday. I was very disappointed that I am not getting continuous viewing as it stops every few seconds and starts buffering. I have BSNL internet wifi connection and new router D Link make with double antenna. I would be grateful if you could advise me what I should do to view You Tube continuously without breaks for buffering.

    • Can you test your Apple TV connection with Ethernet cable to router. This will finalize if it is WiFi speed issue or Internet speed issue ?
      If it is WiFi issue, may be you need to re-position your Apple TV in direct view of router or away from metal or other disturbance.
      If it is Internet speed issue you need to increase the speed of connection or change your ISP.

      Another workaround is you can reduce the playback quality from Apple TV to half HD 720p or lesser.

      • Thanks Deepak. I bought a new router TP Link with 3 antennas and also went for 4Mbps speed internet plan. This has solved the problem. I can now browse YouTube without any buffering breaks.

  39. Hi Deepak, Great article. I was searching for a workaround to see TataSky Everywhere TV in US/Canada. But then i came across this article. Do u have any ideas on how to watch Everywhere TV out side India?

    • I am not sure if Everywhere TV is allowed to be viewed outside India. Only legal way I could see is that you register the device on Indian Tata Sky box and get it activated in India and take that device outside India. This will be kind of National connection but Internationally roaming. This is not tried and tested. There are possibilities that Tata Sky restricts international viewing by IP.

  40. Hi can I connect Samsung led TV to Apple TV. I have a doubt if I should hold Samsung smart TV to connect Apple TV.

    • As Apple TV is connected through HDMI port, any LED / LCD TV can be connected to Apple TV.
      I hope you understand Apple TV is not a display unit, but a small box who brings Internet Intelligence into your TV which is dumb otherwise.

  41. Hi,

    I got tata photo max wifi data card and I have connected both my ipad and Apple TV to same data card. I am not able to see the air play options in the ipad. I haved checked the settings in Apple TV, enabled home sharing, restarted by data card, ipad, Apple TV but nothing works.

    Can you pls help ?


    • Check if there is any Firewall configuration which restricts some port on local network.
      For testing, if you have laptop, you can setup an Ad Hoc Wifi network on laptop and connect the Apple TV and iPad on the same network.

  42. Does Apple TV need internet connection for mirroring ? I live in Himachal and internet here is patchy at best.. This device is useful to me only in case I can mirror content from my iPad 4 to my tv , through ATV independent of internet connectivity. Please advise. Also could I do the same (mirroring ) by simply purchasing a smart tv?:)

    • You don’t need internet connection for doing iPhone/iPad mirroring to Apple TV.
      You can mirror Android phones using chromecast HDMI device. Most of the new Smart TVs don’t come with any feature to mirror phones or tablets. Some TVs do have DLNA protocol to access files from your phone or NAS storage wirelessly.

    • There is no way you can plug USB data card on Apple TV. You can go for the Data Cards which give WiFi ability like Tata Docomo. These can be directly plugged in power socket with USB adapter and then connect Apple TV to that on WiFi.

  43. Hi Deepak – I am familiar with Apple TV and like the mirroring and other features it has. I have one old large TV set which had great video reproduction and I don’t want to get rid of it. It is set-up to work with a great Pioneer surround amplifier.

    I want to be able to add an Apple TV to this set-up. I assume I require a audio-video to HDMI converter. This would work with the HDMI output from the Apple TV connecting to the HDMI input on the converter. The converter would need to have a video out and two audio outputs. These would connect to one of the input sets on my Pioneer surround amplifier and once I select this input on the Pioneer, I should have a functional Apple TV set-up.

    I have two questions for you:

    1. I trust you agree this set-up will work fine. I do realize I will be sacrificing the HD capability of the Apple TV.

    2. Which converter would you recommend I purchase? I understand some of them need a separate power source. I would much prefer to get something which has an easy set-up and which should normally provide a trouble-free experience.

    Many thanks for your time and assistance!

    • I must appreciate that your understanding of Apple TV and overall usage is amazing.
      I would ideally connect Yamaha, Onkyo or Pioneer AV receiver to this setup for best quality. They have HDMI pass through for TV for Full HD quality TV. But this will shoot up your setup cost.
      Alternatively you can connect HDMI to TV and optical audio line to your Pioneer surround amplifier. Check if your Pioneer supports that otherwise you’ll need optical to 5.1 output device like this.

      • Hi Deepak,

        Thank you for your prompt response. I should have clarified in my previous message that the Pioneer Surround Amplifier is also very old ( VSX-D702S circa 1993/94) and as such does not have provision for an optical out. The output is via one video out cable which goes directly to the TV set and the sound output has a choice of Speakers A or B and I have connected the sound output to a Bose surround system ( also circa 1993-94).

        My concern is as the Apple TV only provides an HDMI output, which combines both video and audio, I would require a converter which picks up the video from the HDMI and passes it on to the Video in of the surround amplifier and simultaneously, take the multi-channel audio from the HDMI and convert to a red & white audio out pair, which would in turn connect into the same set of inputs as the video input on the Surround Amplifier.

        Once this has been done, I could select the device option where I have connected the outputs from the converter and the Surround Amplifier would allow me to start using the Apple TV. If I wanted to switch to TATA Sky or to watching a DVD, I would simply select the device on the surround amplifier and I would be able to continue to do this.

        So, once again, I would be very grateful for advice on which converter I should purchase.

        Many thanks!


      • Dear Deepak,

        i have a similar question. I have created my set up as follows. TataSky HD, Sony blu ray goes thru HDMI to Onkyo 3500s Receiver. 1 HDMI goes to Sony Bravia (ARC capable). Have a 15 mbps broadband wired connection directly to TV. planning to add Apple TV as follows… Apple TV will be connected to Onkyo thru HDMI & to router with ethernet. Will this set up work perfectly?

  44. HI Deepak,

    Can you please help me to decide what should i buy? A Smart LED TV (which has built in Wifi + DNLA +MHL ) or Normal LED TV + Apple TV (Which will make my normal TV a smart TV) ??

    Also can a NAS box be use to stream multimedia content in various formats on Apple TV(as it can stream on Smart TV) ??

    • If you have lot of Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro, it makes sense to invest into Normal LED TV with Apple TV.
      If you have not yet invested into any Apple devices, it makes sense to go for Smart TV. Smart LED TV will allow you to access NAS box content on network through DLNA. In case of Apple TV you would need MacBook Pro or iPhone/iPad with App to redirect the NAS content to Apple TV. Apple TV only support AirPlay protocol across Apple Devices. DLNA is not supported on Apple TV.
      AirPlay also allows you to mirror your iPhone/iPad and very helpful while showing photos or videos to friends on big screen. You can even play games on big screen with iPhone and Apple TV.
      Decide which is more useful functionality for you and accordingly take the decision.

      • Thanks for your prompt response 🙂

        I do have Iphone 5, ipad mini and use NAS to store Multimedia of different format centrally and stream on my iDevices.

        Only thing which is bothering me is A Smart LED TV or Normal LED TV + Apple TV ?
        I feel its very inconvenient to convert all Multimedia content and make my
        NAS box as Itunes Server to stream to my Apple TV. Also is there any other way to redirect content of NAS to Apple TV as redirecting content from NAS–>Iphone–>Apple TV might consume double bandwidth and battery of Iphone.
        Please suggest if there is any alternative .

        • So far there is no direct NAS access provided on Apple TV. Probably Apple thinks that can be easy way to watch pirated Movies & may impact their iTunes business. Its possible in next Apple TV release there will be something on these lines as there is huge demand for this feature and everyone else like Roku, Fire TV is providing it.
          There is no support on Apple TV to even watch photos/videos saved on Airport Time Capsule. There are possibilities of some improvement to Apple TV before Apple Watch availability.

  45. Sir ,
    I want to buy iPhone 5 or 6 from USA will it work in India.?
    I have 64gb IPad which I want to upgrade what should I do?so I can have latest facility like Air play etc.

    • It depends what model of iPhone 5/6 you are buying. If you buy unlocked one it will work. In case it is locked, apart from unlocking you also need to check the signalling provided by carrier like GSM / CDMA, 4G / LTE.
      There is no way to upgrade the storage space on iPad. You can only sell and buy larger capacity if you wish.
      If your iPad is above 3rd generation, you can use the AirPlay facility once you come in the zone of Apple TV network.

  46. Hi Deepak,
    I have a query.i have Apple TV 3rd iPhone/iPad and Apple TV are on the same wifi network but I can’t do any airplay on my tv.i can access iTunes Store and YouTube via Apple TV though so I think it’s working on my network (BSNL) but can’t watch photos or play music from my iPhone on it.i can’t understand the reason and since I m unable to find anyone to help me with this the Apple TV is just lying there eating dust.please help me.i took Apple TV to a service centre and it worked perfectly there on a BSNL connection.i have a dlink modem.obe gone day out of the blue Apple TV started working with my iPhone but tat was a one off thing.if I buy a tats docomo wifi dongle and use that as a wifi network for Apple TV and iPhone will it work ? Please help me deepak

    • Apple AirPlay feature needs to be configured and enabled from Apple TV before using it. Have you done that process ?
      Once AppleTV and IPhone are on same network, only reasons AirPlay on Apple TV may not work is because it is not enabled from Apple TV or your router has disabled the streaming ports through some firewall setting.

      • Thanx for reply Deepak.i have checked the settings.i assume that the router might have blocked Apple TV.all other settings from Apple TV are correct.i m planning to get tata docomo wifi dongle and create a seperately wifi network for Apple TV/iPhone.will that work ?

  47. I have purchased apple TV a few days back from Banglore authorised dealer. I have installed it in goa where I live, It worked for 2 days. Now it does not show the you tube vedeos. An error message is displayed since yestereday, Wi fi connection is working, Broad band is BSNL, Can you pl help in trouble shooting

    • It is quite possible that your BSNL connection is not stable or youtube CDN DNS lookup is failing. Did you make some changes in your Internet WiFi Router ?
      Chances of something going wrong with Apple TV software are very very less as it is firmware grade OS.
      It will be good to test it on wired connection or with alternate ISP (Internet at your friends place).
      If it is still giving error message you can try OS update yourself. Only in the worst case you need to take it to Apple Authorised centre where they can manually re-install the OS with USB cable.

  48. My requirement is different.

    I want to watch TV remotely in my HDMI IN computer.

    Currently, I have Airtel DTH and STB. I connect the STB to my computer using HDMI and watch.

    I've relocated to new place where in my room I don't have TV cable output b it's in other room.

    Can I set my STB in a room and connect using HDMI to Apple TV ( if it has HDMI in). Then stream in any other apple gadgets like iMac, iPhone, iPad?

    • No,
      Apple TV can be used for receiving the streams to be played on HDMI output device. There is no HDMI in and this can not be used for broadcasting the streams.
      Your requirement is not Apple TV, but a Slingbox.

  49. Hi Deepak,
    I have an old simple tv which doesn't Hav HDMI ports instead av in so can u suggest the name of the wire to connect the Apple TV and I also want to connect the iPhone 6 to view movies and videos on a big screen so pls can u tell the name of this wire too with their costs

  50. Greeting Deepak:)
    A simple query I do have:
    Is it possible to install Apple TV with old 32" CRT Sharp tv & if yes, Can it be connected with help of HDMI to 3 RCA converter box?
    I also want to enjoy my air2 iPad with apple tv.
    so plz suggest bro!!!

    • Technically such conversions can be done, but it is not worth the time & money you spend against the quality you get.
      You are downscaling the 1080p quality to 480 or 360 pixel quality video output.
      If you really wish to enjoy Apple TV quality, get a LCD/LED TV with HDMI port. While making choice of TV, look for Full HD capability rather than just inches.

  51. Hi Deepak,
    I wanted to know can usb drives used in old TVs without DVDs and sir can Apple tv used with huwaeii wifi datacard which can be plugged or played anywhere

    • Your first part of the question is sort of unclear. What is old TV ? CRT, LCD, LED all are old TVs when compared to 4K tv.
      Regarding second part yes any wifi data card which you can plug in nearby vicinity can be used with Apple TV. Once you installed wifi data card in electric board with USB adapter, you can go to Apple TV and configure the wifi provided by data card. However remember, quality of Apple TV streaming will be very much dependant on bandwidth provided by wifi data card.

  52. Hi Deepak Very good info help wonderful work

    My question is i have iPhone 4 & ATV Newly bought both last month . Can i use Airplay . Then How. Can i use 3G Wifi dongle to connect ATV.

  53. hi Deepak.

    I just wanted to ask that do I need a power adapter so that I can use apple tv in India. I mean there is a voltage differences right. so do I need power converter or adapter that can allow only some amount of voltage, so that the apple tv doesn't get damaged. or its fine. I can just directly hooked up in the power outlet in India???

  54. Hi Deepak,

    I got the Apple TV 32GB(4th Generation) from US. Do I need to buy any power adapter?


  55. Dear deepak, If I play an offline video from youtube on my ipad2 and connect it to Apple TV through AirPlay mirroring will it consume data. I have limited data .Hence this question.

  56. Hi Deepak, I have bought an android Enlighten 3G pro tab from art of living centre Bangalore.It has an inbuilt software.I want to see these programs on my TV screen.Is it possible with Apple TV 4th gen (which I am using for mirroring programs of iPad 2.) to mirror videos of the above mentioned android tab or should I go in for google chrome cast 2 ? – Guna

  57. I am Guna.My apple tv 4th generation 64 gb is not working suddenly .When I switch on it reads Your apple tv seems tobe experiencing some problems. Reset and restart options appear. But through similar I am unable to select either of options which appear on tv screen. Kindly advise pleas

    • Have you checked if your Apple TV Siri remote is sufficiently charged ? In case if you’re not sure you can keep the remote for charging for about 2 hours.
      As you press button on remote you’ll see the light blinking on Apple TV. Now if your remote is working then you can press “Menu” & “Home” button together to restart.
      If that is working then make sure your internet connection is intact & go to System menu and do software update.
      If none of these are working then probably your tvOS got corrupted while it was updating. You may have to take it to Apple Service centre to flash the latest tvOS to Apple TV.

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